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Inner Mongolia Normal University (2007)

Research on Land Degradation and Region Poverty in Inner Mongolia


Titre : Research on Land Degradation and Region Poverty in Inner Mongolia

Auteur : 杨霞

Grade : Master’s Theses 2007

Université : Inner Mongolia Normal University

Land degradation and Region Poverty are the two problems which constraints Regional economic development of Inner Mongolia. Land degradation occurred extensively and seriously、economically backward in Rural areas、the highlight problem of poverty have a major impact on economic development and the ecological environment in the region of the country. This paper examines the relationship between land degradation and poverty to combat land degradation, eradicate poverty and control of land degradation and poverty alleviation playing an important role.This text was proceeding with geographical space distribution at first ;conbine with MAPGIS software drawing method to improve relativity between land degradation and poverty. Regard country as mimimum unit,to analyze distribution of poor country and land degradation-country. Analysis results indicate land degradation and poverty have greater dependence in Inner Mongolia.On the basis of geographical space distribution method, I choosed the correlation and multiple linear regression analysis method in this paper. Using 10 Indicators of 9 regard countries which distribute in semi-arid desert grassland belt、Yinshan pastoral ecotone、loess plateau bring soil erosion to do a correlation analysis .The indicators are per capita GDP、per capita net income of peasant and herdsman、irrigated area/cultived area、total power of agricultural machinery、consumption of chemical fertilizer、 electicity consumedin rural area、gross output of farming、yield of grain、total livestock at the yaer-end、the proportion of land degradation.Then I elect the indicators which correlated notablely with the per capita net income of famers and herdsmen to establish multiple linear regression equation.The impact of the proportion of land degradation on the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen is that the increasing every 1% of the Land degradation rate , the per capita net income of farmers and herdsmen will be lowered 6.98 yuan. Similarly,if the proportion of land degradation is 100%,the loss is 698 yuan.The land degradation is an important factor affecting the farmer’s per capita income, poverty alleviation should start prevention and controlling of land degradation .Finally conbining the actual situation of the entire area, taking the relieving Poverty projects of Dongsheng in Erdos, shows that we can alleviate poverty through combating land degradation. Meanwhile,gives some suggestions and measures of the land degradation’s governance and the poverty’s mitigation

Mots clés : Land; degradation; Region Poverty;

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