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University of Sydney (1996)

The wind catcher : a passive cooling device for hot arid climate

Mahyari, Ali

Titre : The wind catcher : a passive cooling device for hot arid climate

Auteur : Mahyari, Ali.

Université de soutenance : University of Sydney

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) 1996

This study is about wind catchers for natural cooling in hot dry climate. In order to evaluate priorities, expressing specific objectives, and determining a suitable approach in researching this subject, this thesis is divided to ten chapters. The climate of hot arid environment, urban and architectural problems, and the relation between these two have been discussed in the first three chapters. In these chapters the concept of courtyard houses where the wind catchers have been employed, has been verified. Two chapters are devoted to exclusively reviewing and discussing every aspects relating the history and the performance of wind catcher with a focus on the wind catchers in the city of Yazd. The principles of natural ventilation and thermal comfort in the house below the wind catchers has been discussed in a separate chapter. To study the impact of natural wind on the performance of wind catchers, a chapter is devoted to review the experimental methodology of wind studies. Then two chapters are devoted to experimentally study a number of traditional wind catchers, as well as a number of modified versions of wind catchers developed within the experiment. finally, the last chapter is devoted to conclusions concerning the results obtained from the chapters

Mots clés : Architecture and climate • Atmospheric circulation • Dwellings Iran Yazd Design and construction • Ventilation


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