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Xinjiang Agricultural University (2008)

Research on Land Use and Land Cover Change and Its Driving Power Based on GIS and RS in Qira Oasis


Titre : Research on Land Use and Land Cover Change and Its Driving Power Based on GIS and RS in Qira Oasis

Auteur : 李婷;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2008

Université : Xinjiang Agricultural University

Content:Land Use and Land cover change has become a hot spot for research,because it is both the reason and the result of global change.The Acquisition to data of land use and land cover is basic work to LUCC research. Followed by fast development of remote sensing technology,it has become an inevitable step for LUCC research to acquire to the thematic information of land use and land cover through remote sensing image.Global environment change influences peoples’ inhabitation environment(landscape)in local and region scale,and people’s activities change local land cover and landscape patterns by difference ways in use,moreover this impels global environment change.So,analyzing local landscape patterns can make help to research the global environment change.Take the Qira oasis as research area,Based on the RS image in 1990&2002,Then the features of urban land use growth in Qira oasis were analyzed,which includes the features of temporal process and spatial pattern of every land use type growth by geography information system and remote sensing in Qira oasis .then using Markov chain model to research LUCC, Meanwhile Research on natural factor, human factor, social policy factor Based on Land Use and Land Cover Change and its Driving Power thrend analysis result’s, to actuation mechanisms and so on conducts the research, the analysis Driving Power mechanism to the Land Use /cover change influence. the conclusion is :(l) in 1990-2002 during year 12 year, the Qira oasis land utilization change scope is big, mainly displays in the low grass, the farmland area increases large scale, the grass, the high grass area large scale reduction, wilderness area reduction is weak, the forest land area increases not obviously.(2) During researching of the total district, the change rate of land utilization per year achieves to 0.023%. In each kind of land utilization type, the change speed of the grass and farmland is biggest, annual variation speed respectively achieves to - 0.034 and 0.032.(3) Looking at shift of the land utilization , the desert mainly is transformed to low grass and the area is 2.44Km2 ; The forest land is mainly transformed to high grass and the farmland and the area are 4.29Km2 and 7.58Km2 respectively. But simultaneously there some 0.3Km2 land are transformed to desert ; The low grass’s transformation mainly concentrates in grass and wilderness, and the areas achieved 12.57Km2 and 7.30Km2, respectively ; Transformed direction of Grass mainly concentrates in the low grass and the high grass, and the areas are 3.21Km2 and 3.49Km2. Simultaneously the area transformed farmland is also big, reaching 1.77Km2 ; The transformation of high grass the is very fierce, and is mainly transformed to intermediate grass and farmland, reaching 4.90Km2 and 4.17Km2, respectively. The farmland is mainly transformed to high grass and the area is 9.40Km2 and 11.19Km2.(4) Forecasting result : The farmland increased, the area of desertification is less and less. The low grass reduced, the intermediate grass and high grass increased, and area of forest increased.Based on the analysis of present land use and the driving mechanism,this paper from a land ntensive use standpoint,the author established the land ntensive use evaluation indicator system that awords with facts of Qira oasis, From the Sustainability point of view,put forward pointed strategy and suggestion for land use,in order to givesome reference for the rational utilization of the land

Mots clés : GIS; RS; LUCC; Qira oasis; Driving Power;

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