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Université du Xinjiang (2017)

Formation and Utilization of Condensate in Desert Plant Community in Arid Region


Titre : Formation and Utilization of Condensate in Desert Plant Community in Arid Region

Auteur : 刘志东;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université du Xinjiang

In areas with abundant precipitation,condensation and precipitation is tiny compared to,but in arid and semi-arid desert area,condensation water is very important for water resources.In desert areas,the precipitation,evaporation,and any supplementary water resources could have a positive impact on the ecological system.Condensate as a stable and sustainable water resources in desert area,although the volume of condensate is relatively small,but it may be the dry season bio’s main water source,as well as desert area of important water resources required for the plant.Condensate to maintain plant growth plays an important role in arid desert area.This research selected ebinur lake basin drought desert district for target district,through analysis typical community in the different life type plant(trees,shrubs and herb)of wood quality Department water and potential water(groundwater,river,soil water and condensation water)of stable isotope value(δ18O),while determination has all sample to of condensation water,and using more source linear mixed model estimates the plant body water source of proportion,last compared the water between of δ18O value,further determine has the water supplies relationship.The main results are as follows :(1)Different layers of soil condensate are different.Compared to the four different places,the surface soil condensation water was different,and the difference of the samples of 1,2,3 and 4 was significant.For middle soil condensate,sample 1 and sample 2 and sample respectively 4 water showed significant difference(P < 0.05),sample 2 and sample 3 soil condensate water failed to show significant difference.There was no significant difference between the bottom soil condensate in four different samples.(2)The condensation of the crown layer is not the same as the travel of the opposite places.There is a difference in the amount of condensation in the crown.Sample 1,the canopy of condensation water average was 0.115±0.029 mm/d(mean ± standard deviation),canopy water condensation in sample 2 average was 0.095±0.029 mm/d,sample 3 canopy of condensation water in the average was 0.048±0.001 mm/d,sample 4 canopy of condensation water average was 0.040 ±0.006 mm/d.There is no significant difference in the condensation water of the crown layer between 1 and 2,and there is a significant difference between the two samples(P < 0.05).(3)Under the same condensed water gradient,different life-form plants on the plant,the difference in the potential of water resources.Deep-rooted herb(Karelinia caspia,Phragmites australis,Seriphidium santolinum)the higher utilization of groundwater and the utilization of condensed water is relatively small.On condensation water utilization high of for shallow root shrubs plant(Suaeda microphylla and Suaeda maritima)and one years health herb(Salsola sinkiangensis and Chenopodium glaucum),part deep root shrubs plant(Suaeda microphylla and Alhagi sparsifolia)take more surface bet of survival strategy to get survival by needed water resources,for deep root shrubs plant(Nitraria sibirica)and trees plant(Populus euphratica,Tamarix ramosissima and Haloxylon ammodendron),main select using stable groundwater resources.(4)The same type in different condensed water gradient on the potential differences in the utilization of water resources.Deep-rooted herbaceous plants(Phragmites australis,Karelinia caspia and Seriphidium santolinum)to high utilization of groundwater in different condensed water gradient,canopy utilization of condensed water in deep-rooted herbaceous plants range between 0.9%3.1%,the atmosphere-soil between the utilization of condensed water in the range of 1.8%5.8%.With distance ebinur Lake Lake Center increasingly far,condensation water gradually reduced,effect has community in the species of distribution,while shallow root herb(Salsola sinkiangensis,Chenopodium glaucum,Halogeton glomeratus,Suaeda maritime,Suaeda microphylla,Salsola kali,Agriophyllum squarrosum and Stipa capillata)on Crown layer condensation water utilization for 8.9%62.0%,on atmosphere-soil condensation water utilization for 5.8%20.1%.Description using the canopy of condensation water might be a common desert plant water use policy.Bush(Kalidium foliatum,Suaeda microphylla,Alhagi sparsifolia,Apocynum venetum and Nitraria sibirica)adopted the utilization of soil water and groundwater resources,utilization of condensate is not high,the condensate as their alternate water resources.Under different gradient of condensate,trees(Populus euphratica,Tamarix ramosissima and Haloxylon ammodendron)low utilization of condensate,showed that the groundwater resources in the main stable tree plants.(5)Within the study area with shallow groundwater,mainly as groundwater recharge water

Mots clés : Ebinur Lake; Arid areas; Isotope; δ18O; Condensation water;

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