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Université normale de Shenyang (2017)

A Study on Desertification in Zhangwu, Fuxin


Titre : A Study on Desertification in Zhangwu, Fuxin

Auteur : 王硕;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université normale de Shenyang

Land desertification is currently one of the world’s most serious land degradation problems,and land desertification research has become a hot issue of common concern to the academia.Governance and study of desertification is the basis for the prevention and control of desertification,and research is of great significance.Zhangwu desertification area is located in the northwest of liaoning province,where is a typical inland,is a development in arid and semiarid land desertification has typical area,due to the cause of desertification is more complicated,the governance of desertification effect is not significant,so how to manage the local land desertification,it is particularly important to control the spread of desertification,and it deserves further research and thinking.This paper introduces the concept and connotation of land desertification,and the development of driving force,on the basis of Zhangwu desertification area as the research object.Zhangwu desertification area development situation analysis.Objective analysis of the desertification situation Zhangwu desertification area,at the same time by time series analysis method,studies the evolution of Zhangwu in arid area of land desertification in recent decades,from longitudinal analyses Zhangwu desertification area of the evolution process of land desertification.The cause of Zhangwu desertification area of land desertification.On the analysis of the evolution trend of Zhangwu in arid area of land desertification,from two aspects of cultural factors and natural factors respectively in this paper,the reasons of land desertification,through comparison and analysis,it is concluded that Zhangwu causes of land desertification.Zhangwu desertification area land desertification governance and management research.Comprehensive study of Zhangwu in arid area of desertification,according to the characteristics of Zhangwu in arid area’s own development governance issues,put forward feasible countermeasures of land desertification and management advice,help the local government better governance of land desertification

Mots clés : Zhangwu desertification; area government governance; research management; countermeasures and suggestions;

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