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Université du Xinjiang (2017)

Research on the Oasis Settlement’s Pattern and Its Ecological Economy Effects in Arid Area


Titre : Research on the Oasis Settlement’s Pattern and Its Ecological Economy Effects in Arid Area

Auteur : 桂阳;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université du Xinjiang

As a place for people to live,rest and carry out various social activities in arid areas,the rural settlements are the places of production and life,as well as the center of human production and social activities.As a typical arid region oasis,this paper selects the Weiku oasis as the study area,analysing ecological and economic effects of distribution of the rural settlements distribution and existing problems,which puts forward some solving measures and have certain representativeness and feasibility for the study of oasis in arid area and its ecological and economic settlement pattern effect.During the process of analyse the distribution features of rural settlements,we can conclude that : based on the analysis of the characteristics of rural settlements in oasis area,the rural settlements is generally small,which lack of large-scale concentrated settlements,the rural settlements is more dispersed,and land intensification is not high.Through the analysis of rural settlements’ scale by the kernel density method,we can find that : a study of rural settlements plaque distribution is more concentrated,and more concentrated in the oasis of three counties(Kuche County,Shaya county)border area.Among them,the highest density of rural settlements is mainly located in the east of Xinhe County and the western of Kuche county.The result of analysis of the rural settlements is that : the characteristics of rural settlements plaque distribution is not significant positive correlation ;at the same time,quantity and distribution of settlement patches in dense area are mainly the natural terrain flat,where near water,having location advantages.By RS and GIS,the raster image and the patch vector layer of oasis rural settlements are superimposed.Under different slope conditions,the distribution of rural settlements in the study area shows different states.The slope gradient of oasis rural settlements is between 0 and-80 degrees,and the slope gradient decreases gradually from north to south.During the process of analysis of evaluation of the eco-economic comprehensive level in the study area,we can conclude that : the construction of eco-economic comprehensive evaluation index system calculates the ecological environment and economic and social comprehensive level,using the integrated subjective and objective weighting method.From 2000 to 2014,the comprehensive level of ecological environment in the study area is improving,and the change tendency of the comprehensive level of the ecological environment in the three counties of oasis is basically consistent with the whole oasis.By using the model of coordinated development degree,coordination degree and coordinated development degree of the ecological economy during 15 years are calculated,ecological and economic coordination index of three counties shows a trend of fluctuation growth ;the level of coordinated development of ecological economy in three counties are involved in the coordinated development of region state in 2008.During the process of analysis of economic and ecological effects of rural settlements distribution,the conclusion is that : when the number and scale of rural settlement patches are larger,the eco-economic development level is higher,but the coordination condition of the eco-economy does not increase.The patch distribution and scale of development in rural settlements have a certain impact on the coordination of eco-economy complex system.Further exploring the economic and ecological effects of rural settlements’ distribution status of rural settlements and the eco-economy comprehensive development level from the perspective of space analysis,not only provides a way for making Weiku oasis and Xinjiang comprehensive construction and development,but also puts foward ideas for deepening the construction of the western development policy and the new era of “Silk Road Economic Belt” for grand strategy implementation

Mots clés : Rural settlement; Distribution characteristics; Ecological economy; Coordinated development; Weiku oasis;

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