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Gansu Agricultural University (2017)

Evaluations on Drought Resistance and Studies on the Production of New Triticale Lines in Arid and Semi-arid Irrigated Area


Titre : Evaluations on Drought Resistance and Studies on the Production of New Triticale Lines in Arid and Semi-arid Irrigated Area

Auteur : 赵方媛;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Triticale,which is the hybridization offspring of genus triticum and secale,occupies an important position in forage production of China.Triticale can be used as concentrate and fodder because of its’ high crude protein content in seed and straw.In order to determine the drought resistance of 18 triticale new lines(Z1,Z3,Z5,Z6,Z8,Z9,Z12,Z19,Z21,Z23,Z30,Z35,Z36,Z41,Z48,Z49,Z50,Z55)and screen suitable triticale lines sown in the central area of Gansu province,seed yield,straw yield,seed and straw nutrition of 18 triticale lines were studied in Lintao county,Gansu province in 2015 and 2016.Two released triticale varieties,Gannong No.1(CK1)and New triticale No.5(CK2),were used as the controls.In addition,drought resistance of these triticale genotypes at the seedling stage was also studied in greenhouse.The main results were as follows,At the seeding stage of triticale,contents of CHL,MDA,Pro,SS,SP and RWC in leave were changed after being treated with 30% PEG-6000 to simulate the drought stress.Eighteen triticale lines and 2 controls were divided into five categories(A,B,C,D,E)while using the comprehensive evaluation and cluster analysis,among which,the D type had the strongest drought resistance and lines Z1,Z5,and Z50 were included,and lines Z9,Z12,Z30 had poorer drought resistance than that of the other genotypes.Results of seed yield and grain nutrition in different triticale germplasm showed that the highest seed yield,crude protein content(13.92%),Lysine content(0.55%),ether extracts content(2.37%),crude starch content(68.69%)were obtained in Z8,Z48,Z50,Z50,and Z21respectively ;Averaged seed yield in 2015 was significantly higher than that in 2016,but the content of ether extracts and crude starch had no significant difference and the content of crude protein and Lysine in 2016 was significantly higher than that of 2015 ;From the interaction between germplasm and years,the highest seed yield(11133.5 kg/hm2)was found in 2015 for the line Z49,but the highest content of crude protein(14.82%),ether extracts(2.52%),and Lysine(0.65%)was obtained in lines Z55,Z50,and Z50,respectively.The crude starch content(67.65%)in line Z21 was the same within two years and it was the highest value.Results of straw yield and its’ nutrition for different germplasm,different years,and the interaction between germplasm and years showed that the line Z12 had the highest straw yield(14040.42 kg/hm2),Z36 had the highest crude protein content(8.43%),Z9 had the highest ether extracts content(2.46%),Z6 had the lowest acid detergent fiber content(48.89%),Z8 had the lowest neutral detergent fiber content of(71.96%),and Z8 had the highest dry matterdigestibility(37.08%)among different triticale germplasm ;Within two years,averaged straw yield and dry matter digestibility in 2015 was significantly higher than that of 2016,but the content of crude protein,ether extracts and neutral detergent fiber in 2015 was significantly lower than that of 2016 ;From the interaction between germplasm and year,the highest value for straw yield(14280.83 kg/hm2),ether extracts content(2.90%)and dry matter digestibility(42.38%)was found in lines Z12,Z9 and Z8,respectively,but for the crude protein content,the highest value(9.45%)was obtained in line Z6 in 2016.Besides,the lowest content of acid detergent fiber and neutral detergent fiber was found in Z6 and Z8 in 2016 and 2015,respectively.Comprehensive evaluation results indicated that triticale lines Z8,Z48,Z49 and Z50 had better performance than that of the other genotypes,suitable for planting in arid and semi-arid irrigated areas to produce high-yielding quality triticale.Combined drought resistance evaluation,the results showed that Z1,Z5,Z48,Z50 suitable to be demonstrated in the semi-arid rainfed areas

Mots clés : Triticale; drought resistance; seed yield; straw yield; nutrition value;

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