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Université du Xinjiang (2017)

Research Numerical Simulation under the Most Strict Water Resources Management System on Groundwater in the Arid Region


Titre : Research Numerical Simulation under the Most Strict Water Resources Management System on Groundwater in the Arid Region

Auteur : 丰亚萍;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université du Xinjiang

Water resources are strategic resources,it is also an important guarantee for the rapid development of the economy and the improvement of the living standards of the residents.In the context of the increasingly prominent contradiction between water supply and demand,groundwater as an important part of water resources to maintain regional stability and economic development has an irreplaceable role.Therefore,the rational exploitation of groundwater to achieve the sustainable use of water resources and socio-economic sustainable development is of great significance.Vigorously promote the construction of water-saving society,the most stringent water resources management system and the specific measures of water control has become the new era of water conservancy reform and development under the situation of important water control strategy.Based on the analysis of the hydrological and geological conditions,the relationship between groundwater recharge,runoff and excretion,and the local socio-economic water use,this paper uses the water balance method to calculate the recharge and excretion of groundwater in the Hutubi River Basin.Based on the numerical simulation model of groundwater in Hutubi River Basin,the dynamic simulation of groundwater in the study area is carried out,and the total amount of water resources development in the basin under the most stringent water resources management system is established.System under the rational development of groundwater resources for the local water resources management departments to implement the most stringent water resources management system provides theoretical support and data support.The main conclusions of the paper are as follows :(1)Based on the analysis of the hydrogeological conditions of the Hutubi River Basin,the water supply method is used to measure the lateral recharge of the groundwater,the infiltration recharge of the river,the recharge of the canal system,the recharge of field irrigation,And other aspects of the groundwater recharge was calculated from the groundwater outflow,artificial extraction,phreatic evaporation,transpiration and other aspects of groundwater excretion were calculated.The resultsshowed that the total recharge of groundwater was 238.48 million m3/a,the total discharge was 391.1868 million m3/a,the groundwater equilibrium was-15.27 million m3/a,and the groundwater was in negative equilibrium.(2)The groundwater of Hutubi River Basin was simulated by MODFLOW numerical simulation software,the meshes were modeled with 1000×1000m grid,and the horizontal section was divided into 73 columns,123 lines in the vertical direction and 3 layers in the vertical direction,in total 26937 calculation units,60 stress periods,selected 2011-2013 for the model rate on a regular basis,2014-2015 for the model validation period,the analog value and the measured value of the correlation coefficient of 0.9 and 0.89.The results show that the groundwater level in the Hutubi River Basin is declining,the subsidence in the south is larger,the middle is smaller and the lower reaches of the lower reaches are formed,the simulated water level of the groundwater is in good agreement with the measured water level,the results are ideal.(3)This paper analyzes the water resources in the Hutubi River Basin and simulates the groundwater under the control of the "three red lines" in 2020 and 2030.The results show that the Hutubi River Basin maintains the existing cultivated land area unchanged,and the groundwater The total recharge of groundwater was reduced by 2746×10 4m 3 and 2830×10 4m 3 respectively,and the total excretion was reduced by20675×10 4m 3,21729×10 4m 3,the reserves increased by 17929×10 4m 3,18899×10 4m 3,the increase of groundwater reserves means that the groundwater level is gradually increasing trend.According to the water supply and demand for water resources allocation,put forward the "wet season recharge water,dry season pumping land,surface water-groundwater joint combined dispatching" the most stringent water management model.

Mots clés : Arid areas; MODFLOW; Numerical simulation; Development mode;

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