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Australian National University (1970)

Component analysis of semi-arid vegetation in southeastern Australia

Noy-Meir, Imanuel

Titre : Component analysis of semi-arid vegetation in southeastern Australia

Auteur : Noy-Meir, Imanuel

Université de soutenance : Australian National University

Grade : Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1970

This thesis may be described as a study in the application of objective methods in the phytosociological approach to plan t ecology. The structure of the thesis is as follows. the methods of sampling and measuring the vegetation ( chapter I I) and the environment ( chapter I I I) are described and discussed. Theoretical and empirical First, examination of methods of analysis of vegetation data then takes up the largest part of the thesis and is divided in two chapters. Chapter IV is concerned with the similarity measure defining the vegetation space, in particular of the Euclidean type with various data transformations. Chapter V deals with the models for describing the configuration in that space, with principal component analysis as the central method. Chapter VI discusses the methods of expressing the relationships between the vegetation a n d the environment. The results of the application of the objective methods of analysis to the data from the study area are presented in chapters VII (vegetation) and VIII (vegetation/environment). The ecological interpretation of these results, with reference also to other work, is mostly deferred until chapter IX, where the hypotheses suggested by them are discussed. Chapter X concludes with a discussion of some of the more general methodological and theoretical problems taken up in the study or raised by it.


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