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Université de Mongolie-Intérieure (2017)

Environmental Effect Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation in Northern Desert Region


Titre : Environmental Effect Analysis of Solar Thermal Power Generation in Northern Desert Region

Auteur : 吕赫;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université de Mongolie-Intérieure

China’s high value of solar radiation is mainly distributed in Gansu,Qinghai and Inner Mongolia and other arid and semi-arid desertification areas,the first batch of national solar thermal power generation demonstration project 80%also concentrated in the above areas.Solar thermal power generation as a new clean energy power generation technology has great prospects for development,energy saving and emission reduction benefits significantly,but the solar thermal power generation system in its life cycle of resources and energy consumption and environmental emissions to be assessed,therefore,this article to the whole life cycle assessment The environmental effects of solar thermal power generation in the northern desert areas were systematically evaluated.In this paper,a 50MW trough type solar thermal power station in the northern desert area is taken as the object of study.According to the actual situation of the solar thermal power station,the main stage of its life cycle is divided.Through the application of solar thermal power generation life cycle evaluation system This paper demonstrates that solar thermal power generation technology has significant energy saving and emission reduction efficiency in the northern desert area.Taking the 300MW coal-fired power plant as a control,the 50MW trough type solar thermal power station in the northern desert area is measured,during the life cycle(20 years),a total of 2320.54GWh of clean electricity can be emitted without any emissions.At the same time can save 927,875.25 tons of standard coal,the carbon dioxide emission reduction reaches 233.85 million tons,the sulfur dioxide emission reduction reaches 19,100 tons,the nitrogen oxides emission reduction reaches 11,900 tons,the carbon monoxide emission reduction reaches 264.39 tons,the dust emission reduction reaches 4.64 million tons,it can create a total of local environmental value about 584 million yuan.Through the screening to identify the solar energy thermal power plant life cycle of energy and environmental effects of the larger stage,with the coal-fired power,photovoltaic,wind power three mainstream power generation technology were compared.Under the influence of different transportation distance and solar radiation intensity on the environmental effect of the system,the merit analysis of solar thermal power station construction site selection was carried out.The results show that the manufacturing process of the mirror bracket is an important link in the energy consumption and environmental impact of the solar thermal power generation system.This stage can be the focus of the process improvement and energy saving optimization in the future solar thermal power generation industry.Solar thermal power and environmental effects are much lower than the traditional coal-fired thermal power,assuming that the use of solar thermal power generation in 2015 China’s thermal power installed capacity will reduce the amount of coal consumption(2.13 x 109 tons of standard coal),while improving the environment The effect is obvious.Compared with wind power generation and photovoltaic power generation,solar thermal power generation has the power of stable output,which can adopt the advantages of physical energy storage technology and flexible participation in power peaking,which can effectively alleviate the problem of "abandoning the wind".In addition,for the disadvantage solar thermal power generation costs higher than the wind power and PV,with the domestic equipment manufacturing technology mature,relevant industry experience increasingly rich,its power generation costs will be gradually reduced,can be expected in the near future Solar thermal power generation will become a cheap,clean and highly competitive energy technology.Finally,compared to the intensity of solar radiation,the distance of transport impact on the environmental impact is minimal.Comprehensive analysis shows that solar radiation enrichment areas such as western Inner Mongolia,northeastern Qinghai and western Gansu and other desertification areas can be used as the best site for the construction site.

Mots clés : northern desert area; solar thermal power generation; life cycle assessment; energy saving and emission reduction efficiency; environmental effect;

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