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Gansu Agricultural University (2017)

Effects of Mulching on Soil Water and Nitrogen of Winter Wheat in Dry-land Areas


Titre : Effects of Mulching on Soil Water and Nitrogen of Winter Wheat in Dry-land Areas

Auteur : 李瑞;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Gansu Agricultural University

Straw banding coverage has a significant effect on yield increasing,which opens a new way for the effective utilization of straw resources,and be a kind of new cultivation technique with high efficiency,which is consistent with the sustainable development of agricultural production.The papper in the semi-arid Loess Plateau under rainfed conditions of straw banding coverage effect on winter wheat yield and soil water and nitrogen,in order to reveal the synergistic mechanism of straw banding coverage and provide scientific and theoretical basis for the application of this technology.The test includes a total of 5 coverages : plastic film mulching(PF)and 4 kinds of maize straw banding coverages.Straw ribbon will divide the field of straw banding coverage into covering belt and planting belt,alternately,and the covering bandwidth is 50 cm,the planting bandwidth are 35 cm,50 cm,70 cm,85 cm respectively for wheat Line 3(MS3),Line 4(MS4),Line 5(MS5),Line 6(MS6).The main results as follows:1.The winter wheat yield of straw banding coverage decreased with amplitude widen,straw ribbon 3(MS3)and 4(MS4)increased yield by 69.1% and 41.3% than the control(CK),20.2% and 13.5% respectively increased the spike number,grain number per spike were increased by 37.4% and 27.3% ;film mulched soil(PF)had a significant yield increasing by 61.3% compared with CK,grain number and grain weight were increased by 63.6% and 16%.2.Mulching had obvious influence on soil water content,and MS3,MS4 and PF increased by 1.00,0.35 and 1.01 percentage points respectively over CK of the whole growth period.3.Farmland water consumption under straw banding coverage increased as the band increased,of which MS3 was significantly lower than CK26.0mm,MS6 was significantly higher than CK26.4mm.MS3,MS4,PF changed the distribution of water consumption in farmland water consumption than CK during growth stages,improving the water consumption by 17.5 30.6mm,the water consumption proportion 8.9 15.1 percentage points from green stage to flowering stage.4.PF was significantly increased in winter wheat on the part of N,P,K uptake and partial fertilizer productivity,while nutrient uptake above ground of straw banding coverage and fertilizer partial productivity increased with the widening of planting strip decreased,in which both MS3 and MS4 were higher than CK.Take it a comprehensive consideration,both MS3 and MS4 had the suitable planting as well as covering band structure,enhancing the capacity of soil moisture storage,improving the utilization rate of fertilizer,leading to obvious effect of yield increasing,and more environmentally sustainable than plastic film mulching that suitable for wheat cultivation applied in semi arid agricultural areas

Mots clés : winter wheat; straw mulching; soil moisture; soil nitrogen; yield;

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