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Donghua University (2017)

The research and Preparation of Textile Based Device for Water Collecting from Fog


Titre : The research and Preparation of Textile Based Device for Water Collecting from Fog

Auteur : 余玉蝶;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Donghua University

Water is the source of life.Not only restrict the development of society and economy,but also pose an unprecedented challenge to the survival of mankind with more and more serious shortages of fresh water in the world.New ideas of the beetle Stenocara using special back surface to collect water from the air and the water absorbing mechanism of spider silk give us a new idea to collect fresh water-high efficiency air water.The difficulty of collecting fresh water are solved under certain circumstance in this way.The topic is that the combination bionic technology and textile technology be applied to the catchment.Comparing to foreign metal and plastic mist device,the advantage of fabric based fog catchment device is easy to be manufactured ;can fold for depositing ;have low price and better catchment effect.Some researchers have combined the characteristics of desert beetle and spider silk to develop a bionic surface with star shaped moisture absorption model,which can effectively improve the efficiency of water harvesting.It also provides the optimization direction for this subject.This research not only can provide a means of technology to solve China’s western little rain and foggy area living water in order to greatly alleviate the water shortage dilemma,but also can be used during sailing ship to collect air in freshwater.Therefore,the technology and the device can be widely used,and the market prospect is relatively large.In this paper,the characteristics of the back surface of the beetle Stenocara,the water absorption mechanism of the spider silk and the textile technology were combined to prepare the textile fog water extraction device,and then optimize it.In this paper,two kinds of scheme for preparing textile based device for collect fog.Scheme 1 : By weaving technology of preparation of catchment sail with hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibers,and selecting the appropriate organizational structure to make the surface of fabric having a specific convex.By selecting of organizational,selecting of warp and filling yarns,changing of shape and area Ratio of hydrophilic area,the optimization will be find by test.Scheme 2 : Studying on the preparation of water collecting sail by printing technology.And choose hydrophobic fibers as the textile manufacturing base,hydrophilic material is printed on the fabric base by the printing process.Finding the best process by change the printing pattern,printing size and hydrophilic area ratio.Weaving technology research and preparation of water collection sail program using polyester and viscose yarn as raw material,bionic weaving and desert beetle back strong hydrophilic small bumps,shape and size similar fabric surface.First of all,polyester and viscose staple yarn were selected as raw materials,and the shape of hydrophilic material was selected to form the water collecting sail with different hydrophilic ratio.Then getting the best proportion is the ratio 20%(4:20).The shape of the hydrophilic area is made of four angle diamond to prepare the water collecting sail with different hydrophilic ratio,and the similar results are obtained by testing.The best proportion is the ratio 15%(3:20),which is similar to the round.Under the same proportion,the four angle diamond collecting effect is better than that of the circular water collecting sail,that is,the four angle diamond is better than the circular one.At the same time,this paper makes a research on the effect of catchment sail angle,and the results show that with the increase of the inclination angle,the water collection rate increases gradually,that is,when the angle of the catchment is 90 o,the best effect is achieved.Secondly,polyester fiber and viscose filament yarn as raw material to prepare catchment sail,the catchment sail which the shape is four hydrophilic angle diamond,is prepared with different hydrophilic proportions,similar results were obtained through the test,the optimum proportion of hydrophilic area is 15%(3:20),and set sail water catchment effect filament is better than that of spun yarn.Studying on Preparation of printing technology in catchment sail with polyester and polyamide fabric as base cloth,and selecting the waterborne polyurethane resin,sodium alginate and curing agent configuration as hydrophilic material,and printing catchment sail by direct printing,performance testing.The results show that the effect of water collection is affected by the substrate material.The substrate material of polyester filament is better than that of polyester staple fiber.With the decreases of the hydrophilic area,it is that firstly increases and then decreases and then decreases.When the ratio of water to water is 15%,the catchment effect is the best.The distribution of the hydrophilic area also affects the catchment effect,that is the more number of hydrophilic regions,the smaller the unit hydrophilic area,the better the catchment effect.In terms of the shape of water,the water collecting effect of the water collecting sail with five pointed star is better than that of the circular model.At the same time,the contact angle of the collector is tested,and find material selection for water effect is also very big.Water collecting is better with the better the hydrophobicity of the hydrophobic material

Mots clés : Desert beetle; Spider silk; Catchment sail; Woven; Printing;

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