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Inner Mongolia Agricultural University (2017)

Analysis in Benefit System of Sand Hazared Control of Kubuqi Desert Irrigated Farmland


Titre : Analysis in Benefit System of Sand Hazared Control of Kubuqi Desert Irrigated Farmland

Auteur : 杨阳;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Inner Mongolia Agricultural University

We investigated the irrigated forest shelter belt,farmland shelter belt and internal wind erosion prevention technology in KuBuQi desert in order to analyze the anti-wind effect they had.We analyzed the anti-wind effect of forest shelter belt under different configuration,the vegetation recovery condition of different distance belt,the anti-wind effect of irrigated farmland shelter belt and forest network,and the anti-wind effect of different stubble height.The results showed :(1)The main factors that influence the anti-wind effect were forest species,configuration,belts distance,belts numbers and so on.There was a difference of anti-wind effect between Caragana microphylla and Salix cheilophila.The forests under banding collocate had a accumulated anti-wind effect.The effect reached a balance after four belts.The anti-wind effect of belt scheme was better than the random scheme.When the belt distance increased,the anti-wind effect went down,and vegetation went well.(2)The forest belts of different structures had obviously different anti-wind effect.The sparse forest belt was17.64%,the ventilation forest belt was 13.13%,the intensive forest belt was 12.31%.The forest belts of different belts had significantly difference,the effect of 7m,11m,14m forests are respectively 13.71%、16.05%、18.33%.As the shelter belts height increased,the effect increased positively.The angle between belts and wind direction showed a sinusoidal function relationship with anti-wind effect.When the angle was 90°,the effect was the best.When the angle was less than30 °,the effect was nearly zero.The anti-wind effect of farmland shelter network could be accumulated.(4)The farmland stubble could significantly changed the 0-20cm wind structure above ground,increased 10~20%anti-wind effect,decreased 11~41%sediment discharge.Stubble on the farmland could protect it from sand hazard,decrease 3~7 times of the wind erosion near the ground.As the stubble height increased,the anti-wind effect increased.Besides,stubble height could protect the soil fine particle,maintain the soil fractal dimension

Mots clés : KuBuQidesert; anti-wind technology; benefit evaluaton; configuration mode;

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