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Université de Shihezi (2017)

The Effects of Wind-blown Sand on the Pollination,Fertilization and Fruit Development of Jujube in Southern Xinjiang


Titre : The Effects of Wind-blown Sand on the Pollination,Fertilization and Fruit Development of Jujube in Southern Xinjiang

Auteur : 张礼春;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Université de Shihezi

Pollination,fertilization and fruit development are one of the focus on core issues in the process of forest-fruit production,they are the decisive factors for the yield and quality of fruit trees.In recent years,Southern Xinjiang enjoys a unique photo-thermal resources,gave birth to numerous characteristics of forestfruit industry,has become China and the world important high-quality jujube production base where has accounted for more than 1/3.However,it is one of the main natural disasters in jujube production in Southern Xinjiang.Is it harmful to pollination,fertilization and fruit development of jujube trees ? How does the windblown sand do harm to the jujube trees ?And what are its characteristics ?At present,there are report seldom.Therefore,the main planting area in PiShan-MoYu reclamation areas,Hetian,Southern Xinjiang Jujube(Z.jujuba Junzao)as the research object,according to the wind-blown sand strength in the orchard trend,selecting the 4 test area,the different characteristics of sand and the degree of influence of jujube fertilization and fruit development in the means of investigation and observation.This paper analyzes the main influence mechanism of wind-blown sand on pollination,fertilization and fruit development,which is of great significance to provide theoretical basis for disaster prevention and reduction.The main conclusions are as follows:1)During the growth season of jujube,the study area of each wind event 10 min open field 2m high average wind speed of more than threshold wind speed(5m/s),show that the regional aeolian sand phenomenon exists in the process ;Positive after the first shelter forest orchard,wind speed reduced rapidly,as far away from the shelter forest in orchard wind speed increases gradually,and heavy have been showing a tendency of declining,suggests that the first shelter forests play a important role in preventing wind-blown sand jujube.2)Through the comparison of No.1 and No.3 with different intensity of wind-blown sand events impact on jujube tree pollination characteristics,showed that jujube pollen viability and stigma receptivity is very sensitive to wind and dust,resulting in low pollen germination ;Among them,the dust on the influence of the jujube tree pollen activity is greater than the wind speed ;Wind speed and dust of jujube stigma to teach the influence degree of consistency.3)Jujube fresh flowers fall and the duration,maximum and extreme wind speed of the wind-blown sand,has a significant positive correlation ;jujube stigma inflated and wind-blown sand duration,maximum and extreme wind speed,dust fall quantity,the average temperature was negatively correlated,and the time of occurrence of wind-blown sand were positively correlated ;through stepwise regression,respectively on jujube flowers fall and stigma enlargement and the related meteorological factors showed that the falling flowers rate as the dependent variable,two element linear model construction of duration and maximum wind speed as independent variables can affect the interpretation of Chinese jujube flowers falling 77.9% ;the dependent variable of stigma swelling rate as one of the 5 main meteorological factors(duration,extreme wind speed,dust fall,average temperature and average relative humidity)as independent variables,established in line the regression equation can be used to explain the effect of wind-blown sand on the stigma enlargement of jujube trees 82.2%.4)Through the comparison and analysis of different periods of jujube district fruit,showed that the wind speed,dust fall has a great influence on fruit setting,wind speed is conducive to early flowering and fruit setting of jujube fruit,in the period of rapid growth led to serious dust drop ;Dust fall delay flushing time,weak effect on fruit drop.5)Through the comparative analysis of jujube orchard zones fruit growing development,showed that the fruit rapid growth period skin injury degree and average wind speed was significantly positively related,dehiscent fruit and average wind speed has a significant positive correlation,so the fruit rapid growth period skin damage caused by the wind speed is the main cause of early dehiscent fruit and fruit cooked white.To sum up,wind-blown sand great harm to jujube pollination,fertilization and fruit development ;Jujube tree pollen activity and stigma receptivity have responded to wind-blown sand with very high sensitivity,wind speed of the flower and fruit drop,skin damage and white cooked early dehiscent fruit has a great impact ;In jujube shelterbelt system construction,want to consider to control sand on the spot ;According to local climate characteristics of the sandy areas jujube growing season to jujube of sand on the basis of the flowering and the most sensitive design protective forest spacing,makes the production to achieve the best economic benefits

Mots clés : Wind-blown sand; Southern Xinjiang; Jujube; Pollination and fertilization; Fruit development;

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