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Jiangxi University of Science and Technology (2017)

Water-less and Maintenance-free Solar Panel Cleaning System


Titre : Water-less and Maintenance-free Solar Panel Cleaning System

Auteur : 古帅奇;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Jiangxi University of Science and Technology

With the country’s strong promotion of new energy,a large number of solar power stations were built all over the country.Solar panel needs to be cleaned regularly because the accumulation of dust on its surface can easily lead to a decrease in power generation efficiency and a reduction in its service life.In the desert,barren slope,on the building roof and other places that are not easily to be approached by human,there are many problems existed in the cleaning of solar panels by human,such as high cost,lack of safety and low cleaning efficiency.While the present solar panel cleaning equipment in the market,with the problem of low reliability,high cost and inconvenient maintenance and other issues,does not apply to large-scale photo-voltaic power plant solar panel cleaning.In response to these problems,a water-less and maintenance-free automatic cleaning system for solar panels was designed.The main research work and achievements are as follows :(1)The layout,installation dimension and cleaning characteristics of the solar panels were analyzed to determine the functional requirements of the solar panel cleaning system.The solution of the functional elements were listed using morphological matrix method.And the solution of functional elements was seasonably combined according to the design requirements.The overall scheme of the cleaning system was determined,which provided the theoretical basis for the structural design of the cleaning system.According to the requirements of the cleaning system maintenance,specific views and measures were put forward.(2)The working principle of the cleaning system was analyzed,and the process of the solar panel cleaning was determined.The design of the cart was carried out,including the selection of the motor and reducer,transmission design calculations.The design and optimization of the stent of the cart was carried out,and the rigidity and strength of the guide rail was checked and analyzed.The frame structure of the trolley and the lifting mechanism were designed,including the selection of the motor and wire rope,the calculation of the dimension of the pulley and the reel.(3)Based on the study of mechanism that non-adhesive dust deposition and stubborn stains have on the surface of solar panel,the scheme of dry cleaning and stubborn stains cleaning were analyzed,and the cleaning mechanism was designed respectively.Considering the economy and dust removal effect,the roller brush,as a non-adhesive sand and dust cleaning device,along with the dust collection device were used for the dry cleaning of solar panel ;A kind of glass cleaner with the main ingredient named alkyl glucoside,along with disc brush with bristles made of nylon were used for the removal of stubborn stains.(4)The functional requirements of the control system of the solar panel cleaning equipment were analyzed,based on the cleaning process of the solar panel cleaning system.A power supply plan that take power directly from the solar panels was confirmed,and the power supply system was designed.PLC was chosen as the main controller,and the composition of the control system was determined.Then the flow chart of the control system was designed for the preparation of control program.The solar panel cleaning system can be effectively applied to photo-voltaic power station in the desert,barren slope,on the roof of building,to realize the effective removal of sand and dust,stubborn stains on the surface of the solar panel,and to improve the power generation efficiency of the solar panel.This cleaning system can improve the efficiency of solar panel cleaning,saving water resources,and greatly reducing the cost of solar panel cleaning,on the basis of eliminating the security risks of cleaning personnel

Mots clés : solar panel; cleaning system; dry cleaning; stubborn stains cleaning; maintenance-free;

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