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西北农林科技大学 (2009)

Research Decision Support System on Agricultural Economic Rational Water Consumption in Northwest Arid Regions


Titre : Research Decision Support System on Agricultural Economic Rational Water Consumption in Northwest Arid Regions

Auteur : 南纪琴;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : 西北农林科技大学

Northwest arid region is one of the regions which are seriously shortage of water in our country, for a long time, the water shortage has had a particularly adverse impact on area agricultural water in the region, which causes the food security to be threatened. According to the situation mentioned above, it is necessary to coordinate socio-economic development, ecological environment protection and other factors in arid northwest regions which are shortage of water resources, optimize crop plant structures, rationally allocate the agricultural water resources use, improve the use efficiency of water resources to alleviate the contradiction between water resources supply and demand, promote the agriculture sustainable development and further increase the economic, social and ecological benefits of the best general.According to the actual situation of the Daman irrigation area in the Hei River basin in the Northwest arid regions, this paper thoroughly discussed the connotation and the decision-making hierarchy of agricultural economical water-consuming, the agricultural economical water-consuming decision-making hierarchy, the agricultural plant structure optimized model and research and development the supporting system of the agricultural economic water-consumption. The following contents are included in this paper :(1) Based on the preliminary studying the connotation of the agricultural economic water-consuming, this paper introduced the decision-making hierarchy of agricultural economic water-consuming in detail.(2) Based on the analysis of the traditional multi-object optimized methods and genetic algorithm,a optimized mathematical model for the agricultural water use in the northwest arid areas was established. The model considered the water resources, arable land as the constraints, took the comprehensive benefits as the maximum target. So this paper selected the maximum total net output, the largest food crop yield and the highest ecological benefit as the object which respectively reflected the economic, social and ecological benefits. (3) This paper mainly focused on the agricultural economic water-consuming decision. According to users’demand, system function and frame were designed, the main parts of decision support system of agricultural economic rational water consumption of the database management, inquiry services, statistical analysis and decision support were elementary built. Decision support is the core of the system in this part, the optimization methods of VB and MATLAB were used to calculate the planting areas of crops in different years. The database systems, model-base system and the human-computer interaction system were implemented in turns in system designation.(4) Taking the Daman irrigation area of the Hei River basin in northwest arid regions for example, this paper analyzed the social economy, available water resources, the present situation of the crop production and the existence questions of the agricultural water consuming of Daman irrigation in 2007, Combining the actual situation of Daman irrigation area, the agricultural water was carried on the estimate and the budget respectively in 2007, 2015 and 2030, and the parameter of crop production optimization model was determined, the solution methods and the optimized results of the model were proposed, the objective function enhanced approximately 2.33%-27.45% in the different year, the feasibility of the model and the solution methods and the usability of the system was confirm

Mots clés : agricultural economic water consumption; multi-object optimization; genetic algorithm; decision support system;

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