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Xinjiang University (2009)

Remote Sensing Monitoring of Desertification in Yili and Bozhou Region


Titre : Remote Sensing Monitoring of Desertification in Yili and Bozhou Region

Auteur : 逄淑女;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2009

Université : Xinjiang University

The land desertification is the significant environment question which the whole world pays attention together ; it is threatening the desertification area people’s survival, the resources environment and the social economy sustained development. At present the Bozhou area Ebinur Lake’s land desertification, has caused the serious sandstorm harm, if further develops again, will suffer to the serious ecological disaster, and strengthens this region land desertification the monitor government to become the urgent matter.This article based on the MODIS data, utilizes the 3S technology, take the Ili Bozhou area as the research area, selects NPP, TVDI, MSAVI, LST, the Albedo five targets, unifies the IGBP land utilization classification chart and the meteorological factor carries on the remote sensing inversion desertification the discussion analysis, provides the basis for the desertification remote sensing dynamic monitor.The main conclusion includes : 1) the differential value law and the slope analytic method may apply in the desertification target change absolute value and the trend analysis, may instruct the desertification the region and the degree of degeneration ; 2) NPP, TVDI, MSAVI, the LST four target inversion function varies, NPP to the forest and so on vegetation productive forces high land utilization cover types has the strong sensitivity and the very good inversion effect ; TVDI to the transitional lawn, the laxity shrub land and the bare land as well as they mixes interlocks the area performance to be sensitive ; MSAVI to lawn inversion ability ; LST and the TVDI function is similar, but can highlight humanity’s development operation. 4 targets may supplement mutually, in space and time accurate instruction desertification phenomenon ; 3) the generalized analysis indicated : Studies in the area to have the region which the heavy wilderness degenerates to have south Tianshan east, Ili, the Gongliu domestic nature protection area forest belt, Yili Yining County and Chabuchaer County, revives, Gongliu, Nileke and so on to interlock the area take the county as the central peripheral locality lawn brush, southeast east south the huo ch’eng county northeast area, Jinghe County, Nilka County, Chabuchaer County and the Tekes County eastern mountainous region - oasis - wilderness transition region. 4) the land utilization/cover type has the important reference function regarding the instruction desertification reason, and also needs to refer to the land utilization/cover type chart in various targets change’s analysis, can carry on the correct judgment to the desertification

Mots clés : Desertification; MODIS; NPP; Yili Bozhou;

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