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University of Arizona (1966)

An economic model for the analysis of southwestern range forage improvement

Dickerman, Alan Richard

Titre : An economic model for the analysis of southwestern range forage improvement

Auteur : Dickerman, Alan Richard,

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1966

In many cases it is economically imperative for ranching enterprises to increase their size as defined by animal units. Such increases can be achieved through ranch consolidation, acquisition of land from other uses, and/or forage improvement on the ranch enterprise site. The south western United States is characterized by a climax vegetation over most of its range area which has little or no economic value and which successfully competes with forage grasses for the limited available moisture. Forage improvement is physically possible by removing such competitive growth ; the economic feasibility of such a program has as yet not been established to the general satisfaction of all. Such a forage improvement program is a capital in vestment in the land resource which yields benefits over time in varying amounts depending upon the intensity of the capi tal input and the time period considered. An investment mod el is developed by which the optimum mix of capital factors, the optimum level of forage production, and the optimum time interval in which to engage in the project can bo established ; in addition, the special roles played by risk and opportunity costs are given separate treatment. Available data do not refute the model presented, but they are inconclusive in regard to optimization because of their emphasis on maximum physical production and the variety of collection methods used in their compilation. In order to establish the needed empirical relationships, it is recom mended that a unified survey be taken covering a sufficiently large number of completed improvement projects, supplement ing such findings with experimental sources for certain ex pected deficiencies in the survey data.


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