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Hebei Normal University (2017)

Characteristics of Soil Wind Erosion in Dry Lake Basin of Angulinao


Titre : Characteristics of Soil Wind Erosion in Dry Lake Basin of Angulinao

Auteur : 赵望龙;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2017

Université : Hebei Normal University

Hebei bashang where is located in the northwest of Hebei province scatters hundreds of large and small lakes,due to natural factors and the interference of human activities,there are many lakes have dried up or are drying,the wind erosion after the lake became dry interfere with the downwind of the production and life of the residents,also affect the surrounding ecological environment.But the current research on the dry lake basin soil erosion of Hebei bashang is still blank,therefore,to carry out research on regional soil erosion characteristics of dry lake basin has important practical and theoretical significance.In this paper,author takes the dry lake as the research object,through selecting the plots,field observation,collecting soil samples,laboratory experiment and a series of work on the dry lake area to carry out the research of soil wind erosion characteristics,the main research results are shown below :(1)The soils within the dry lake are mainly composed by silt(0.002-0.05 mm),while the soils around the dry lake mainly include silt(0.002-0.05 mm),very fine sand(0.05-0.1 mm)and fine sand(0.1-0.25 mm),the soil texture for the east part of the dry lake is finer than that for the west part.Soil water content approximately decreases from center to periphery for the dry lake,but the highest water content is occurred at the edge of the dry lake.Soil salinization phenomenon is severe,the salt content and pH value are high in the study area,salt content and pH of soil samples for eastern area are higher than that for western area.Soil organic matter content is low,while organic matter content of soil samples for eastern area is larger than that for western area.(2)The variety of surface roughness(Z0) : Salsa area > shrub area > the middle of lake area > transition area.(3)In the classification of grain size,the content of 0.002-0.05 mm powder was the highest among the four typical field,and the content of 0.5-1.0mm coarse sand was the lowest ;the results of soil hardness : shrub area > the middle of lake area > salsa area > transition area ;the results of organic matter content : Salsa area > transition area > the middle of lake area > shrub area.The results of the comparison of the four typical fileds of soil grain size,hardness and organic matter are consistent with the results of the comparison of the four fileds of dry lake basin.(4)The largest value of the surface soil moisture appears in the middle of the lake area,followed by the salsa area,shrub zone,transition zone.When the whole lake basin is sampled in large scale,on the edge of the lake shore low-lying water easily,so lead to water content differed,the maximum moisture content is the salsa area,followed by the middle of the lake area,shrub zone,transition zone.(5)The maximum soil wind erosion amount located in transition area.It is 1.22 times of salsa area,1.36 times of shrub area,1.52 times of the middle of the lake.The soil erosion amount of the dry lake basin is not serious in the current,with the passage of time the large amount of fine particulate matter will become hidden

Mots clés : Bashang of Hebei; Dry lake; Angulinao; Soil wind erosion;

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