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University of Arizona (1973)

An ecological survey of a mesquite bosque

Gavin, Thomas A. (Thomas Alan)

Titre : An ecological survey of a mesquite bosque

Auteur : Gavin, Thomas A. (Thomas Alan)

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1973

An ecological survey was conducted from November 1971 to April 1973 in order to describe the vegetation and the vertebrate animals of a mesguite bosgue. The purpose of this survey was to evaluate the wildlife, esthetic and scientific aspects of this habitat type. Bird census transects were run almost weekly through the bosgue and bird densities Were computed where possible, A complete list of 95 species is included which, also indi’- cates their presence or absence in the bosgue on a monthly, basis, Small mammal trapping resulted in a low trap success of only 1,7 percent, although 15 species of mammals were found on the site. A list of all amphibians and reptiles found during the study is also included. • All plant species identified from the bosgue as well as the major species from two adjacent vegetation zones were recorded. Quantitative data were taken on the bosgue’s herbaceous plant layer and it was found that few species compose this rather uniform stratum at any given time of year, The future of mesguite bosgues in Arizona is discussed as well as reasons usually given for the destruction of this habitat. These include the conversion of floodplains into cropland, reduction of woody plants in order to favor grasses and forbs and the reduction of phreatophytes in order to conserve water use along drainage^ ways.

Mots clés : Biotic communities — Arizona — Pinal County. ; Mesquite — Ecology.


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