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University of Arizona (1991)

Production variability for major Arizona field crops

Chen, Changping

Titre : Production variability for major Arizona field crops

Auteur : Chen, Changping,

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1991

Previous variability studies in both U.S. and worldwide agriculture have indicated that crop production has been accompanied by increasing variation. In this research, four different variability indexes were estimated in order to evaluate the production variability associated with the major Arizona field crops. Results show that major Arizona field crops, which are all irrigated, did not have a uniform production variability over the last 24 years and the variability of these crops did not generally increase between the periods of 1967-1978 and 1979-1990. Although biological factors (e.g. pests, weather) influenced variability, the variation of crop production measures over time also was related to market factors (e.g. prices), government farm programs, producers’ crop management experience, and the geographical area selected for the analysis. Crops covered by government farm programs usually varied more in harvested acreage and fluctuated less in yield per acre than vegetable crops.


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