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Eastern Mediterranean University (2016)

Implementing Lean Construction using the Last Planner System in Northern Iraq

Amin, Twana Othman Muhammed

Titre : Implementing Lean Construction using the Last Planner System in Northern Iraq

Auteur : Amin, Twana Othman Muhammed

Université de soutenance : Eastern Mediterranean University

Grade : Master of Science in Civil Engineering 2016

With the continuous decline in profit margins and increased competition in construction projects, construction contractors are continuing to search for ways of eliminating waste and increasing profit. One important improvement initiative, with direct practical impacts, has been the adoption of Lean Construction (LC). The best known LC technique is the Last Planner System (LPS), which has been demonstrated as a very useful tool for the management of the construction process and the continuous monitoring of planning efficiency. Nowadays, in Northern Iraq the increased economic growth as well as urbanization in developing cities has led into extensive construction activities that generate large amounts of wastes. Wastes in construction projects resulted into huge financial setbacks to builders and contractors. In addition to this, it may also cause significant effects over aesthetics, health, and the general environment. These wastes needs to be managed as well as their impacts needs to be ascertained to pave way for their proper management, however in many cities of Iraq waste management is still a problem. The main objective of this study is to investigate the causes of waste in construction industry, at which level LC and LPS been implemented, and the effects of implementing LC using LPS in Northern Iraq. The research includes an extensive literature study, interviews with civil engineers, project managers, contractors, and a case study, analysis of this information to develop findings, and extending these to present the key issues that could be targeted for implementing LC using LPS. The study will thus contribute to improving management practice and may aid the establishment of a basis for the development of further research in the area of LC. The research outcomes can inform practitioners of the opportunity to implement alternative management methods in construction, and give a good account of the opportunities and challenges. Beside the direct benefits to managerial practice, the study will also contribute to practice by offering practical recommendation that can assist in the achievement of the full potential of lean and LPS in Northern Iraq. Keywords : Lean Construction, Last Planner System, Waste Management, North Iraq Construction Industry.


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