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University of Arizona (1965)

The effect of cation exchange on gypsum requirement of soils

Hajrah, Hassan Hamza

Titre : The effect of cation exchange on gypsum requirement of soils

Auteur : Hajrah, Hassan Hamza

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1965

In soil reclamation, the difficulty in determining the gypsum requirement is due to the effect of many factors^ e. g„, the concentra+ -H- -Htion of exchangeable Na , Mg , and Ca , the concentration of the dissolved solids or salts, and the movement of solution in soil. Although methods have been developed to estimate the gypsum requirement of soil, these methods did not take into account all of those.factors mentioned above. As a consequence there is a poor correlation between these methods and the actual gypsum needs. In this study different soil series were collected from various locations in Arizona to use to test a new approach to the gypsum requirement of soils. The initial concentration of exchangeable and soluble cations was determined. A portion of each of these soils was calcium saturated, and the Na:Ca exchange constant measured. Several equations were tested to ascertain which could best be used to describe equilibrium conditions. A computer procedure was developed to predict concentrations in equilibrium-water-extracts from Ca-soils and from soils that had been treated with gypsum. These predictions were then experimentally evaluated and comparisons made between the actual experimental data and predicted values. Data are presented showing a remarkably close relationship between the two values.


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