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University of Arizona (1977)

Fungi that decay ocotillo in Arizona

Nakasone, Karen Kikumi

Titre : Fungi that decay ocotillo in Arizona

Auteur : Nakasone, Karen Kikumi,

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1977

Twenty-six wood-rotting basidiomycetes and one ascomycete are reported from ocotillo for the first time. Two new species, Hypho- derma fouquieriae and Cristinia sonorae (Aphyllophorales, Cortici- aceae), are described. Cultural characteristics of 21 fungi are in cluded. Hyphoderma fouquieriae was found to be heterothallic with a bipolar mating system. Agar-block decay tests were done for 27 species grown in cul ture . All of the fungi cause a white rot except Panus fulvidus. the only known brown rot fungus on ocotillo. Hyphomycetes were most frequently isolated from crown and root samples of recently fallen ocotillo. Phanerochaete chrysorhizon, a basidiomycete, and Xylaria sp., an ascomycete, were also isolated.

Mots clés : Fouqueria splendens — Diseases and pests. ; Wood-decaying fungi — Arizona.


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