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University of Arizona (1981)

Water requirements of urban plants (Tucson Arizona)

Desai, Jayant Bhasker

Titre : Water requirements of urban plants (Tucson Arizona)

Auteur : Desai, Jayant Bhasker

Université de soutenance : University of Arizona

Grade : Master of Science (MS) 1981

Sixteen species of trees, shrubs and ground covers, commonly used in landscape designs in southern Arizona, were given high, medium, and low water treatments under trickle and spray irrigation systems. Annual water deliveries for these plant species were obtained. Well-distributed summer rains substantially reduced the irrigation needs of these plants, and all the plant species were reasonably maintained under trickle irrigation, with less than one-gallon-per-day water deliveries, except Mulberry. Plants were grouped into four categories according to their annual water deliveries, viz., very high, high, medium, and low water users. Trickle-irrigated plants made almost equal growth and maintained similar appearance as spray-irrigated plants, which were given more water. The data on plant growth incre ments were analyzed for selected ten plant species to deter mine the effects of reduced water treatments. None of the plant species showed significant linear or quadratic rela tionships with water levels except Privet, which showed significant linear relationship with high, medium, and low water treatments for plant height and plant spread.

Mots clés : Plants — Water requirements. ; Microirrigation. ; Landscape gardening — Arizona — Tucson. ; Desert gardening.


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