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Lanzhou Jiaotong University (2013)

Study on Restriction and Monitoring Programs for Track Potential of Railway in Arid Regions


Titre : Study on Restriction and Monitoring Programs for Track Potential of Railway in Arid Regions

Auteur : 张耀;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2013

Université : Lanzhou Jiaotong University

With the fast development of chinese railway traction power supply system, highelectrified rail potential hazards along the railway system such as signals and traction returnhas caused widespread concern. Research of rail potential distribution laws and restrictionsrelated issues have become the important issues of railway experts and scholars. In allusion toarid regions electrified railway, this thesis analyzes the distribution of rail potential andinfluence factors, research the area of railway rail potential restrictions and monitoring plan.Firstly, the paper analyzes the rail potential generation mechanism and hazards generatedby the rise of rail potential, the rail potential and current distribution pattern based on theAuto Transformer (AT) power supply are deduced on the basis of characteristic parameter onthe rail potential. Through the analysis of the basic principles of the AT power supply mode,the traction return system simulation model is built based on the AT power supply byMatlab/simulink software, respectively analyses the impact of different traction power supply,line single or double track, train track time, and rail to groud leakage resistance on the railpotential.Secondly, according to the previous analysis about inpact of rail potential factors, thethesis puts forward the rail potential limitations program for the electrified railway for aridareas. By reducing soil resistivity in arid regions can reduce arid region rail to ground leakageresistance, which can reduce the rail potential ; Based on the AT power supply, setting theCPW line can effectively reduce the rail potential ; Integrated grounding system has a goodeffect on the ground arid regions traction return system, the rail access the integratedgrounding system can significantly reduce rail potential. The simulation results show that therail potential is reduced to the standard stipulated in the safety range by setting the CPW lineand the rail access integrated grounding system in the case of high leakage resistance.Finally, the paper presents a rail potential monitoring system program based on GlobalSystem for Mobile communications Railway/General Packet Radio Service (GSM-R/GPRS)network, compositions and characteristics of the system is introduced and the rail potentialmonitor’s hardware structure is summarized, the GPRS networking program for themonitoing system and management system of the host computer system are described indetail

Mots clés : Rail potential; Influencing factors; Restricted program; Monitoringprogram; Arid regions;

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