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Université du Xinjiang (2013)

Arid Area of Rural Land Consolidation Capacity Potential Measurement Study


Titre : Arid Area of Rural Land Consolidation Capacity Potential Measurement Study

Auteur : 杨召;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2013

Université : Université du Xinjiang

China’s rapid social and economic development, more and more intensified landcontradictions, sparsely populated northwest arid area on the left in our country givesas China’s western development and implementation of aiding program for Xinjiangincreasingly feel the tension in the land resources. On the other hand, the shortage ofland, especially cultivated land resources dwindling brought great pressure to China’sfood safety. Agricultural development is lagging behind in our industry. With thecontinuous improvement of our people’s standard of living and quality of liferequirements, stage of China’s grain production is more and more difficult to meet therequirements of the people on food quality and quantity, food production moredifficult and lead to grain production by the decline in the quality of soil degradationand pollution, these issues become more prominent. In recent years, China’s grainimports increased year by year, in particular, China’s grain inputs in2012, a new high.Land consolidation plays an indispensable role in alleviate land use conflicts, and toensure food security.Of domestic on land collate and land finishing potential related researchfoundation on production can accounting theory arid area of rural land finishing theactual conduct research, both qualitative and quantitative expression of potentialproduction capacity potential of arid area of rural land finishing the. And estimatesthe potential of rural land consolidation Case of Baicheng estimates worship Countyrural land the finishing capacity potential207657.05t draw land consolidationpotential classification map reflect intuitive to understand worship County townshipsconsolidation potential size. Potential farmland consolidation capacity and settlementsfinishing capacity potential estimates, know worship County Cultivated LandConsolidation has great potential, while rural residential land consolidation potentialis small, reflect status of Baicheng rural and agricultural development. Arid area ofrural land consolidation process analysis, put forward relevant suggestions, and toprovide a scientific basis for decision-making, planning and implementation of thearid zone of rural land consolidation work.

Mots clés : Arid area of rural land consolidation; Capacity potential; Arable landconsolidation potential; Rural residential land consolidation potential; Baicheng;

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