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LAP Lambert Academic Publishing 2017

Irrigation Management in Semiarid area

Khudboddin Shirgapure

Titre : Irrigation Management in Semiarid area

Auteurs  : Khudboddin Shirgapure
Publisher  : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Date de parution : 2017-12-21
Pages : 116

One of the major problem in pulse production is availability of water, because pulses mainly grown as rainfed in dryland region. Availability of water and water resources is very low such type arid and semi arid region. Our population increasing day by day and protein requirement of human being mostly meet through pulses. therefore it is paramount importance to achieved an enhanced rate of productivity of pulses in order to keep pace with population growth. for this water management is necessary to increase area under irrigation mainly in arid and semiarid region. Irrigation based on cumulative pan evaporation is one of the most reliable method of irrigation in semiarid tropics. In which consider soil-plant-atmosphere relation, by considering loss of water from crop and soil that is evapotranspiration irrigate the field. In this book discuss about the effect of different levels of irrigation based on cumulative pan evaporation on pulses and compare with conventional irrigation practice.

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