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Xinjiang Agricultural University (2013)

Structure Research on Arid Desert Region of Xinjiang Durability of Asphalt Pavement


Titre : Structure Research on Arid Desert Region of Xinjiang Durability of Asphalt Pavement

Auteur : 刘鹏飞;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2013

Université : Xinjiang Agricultural University

Xinjiang is a typical inland arid and semi-arid regions which is located in the hinterland of Eurasia.The differences of regional climate gives road asphalt pavement construction some unexpected problems.And with th egrowing of trafficin Xinjiang, especially in some of the roads carrying heavy traffic, theearlydiseaseisobvious.In This paper analyzestheclimatic conditionsof Xinjiang, subgrade modulus,trafficcharacteristicsanalysis and other characteristics.The paper also analyzeswearing course and mechanicalcharacteristics of durability asphalt pavementunder different traffic loads grade.In addition,The paperanalyzesPavement and road material parameters which meet the durability of asphalt pavement in Xinjiangregion.Through the above analysis,itproposesrecommendedasphalt pavement structurefor arid desert regionof Xinjiang.First of all, this paper analyzesand summarizesthe current application of the asphalt pavement structureinforeign and domestic. And has investigated and analyzed the status of the early diseases of pavementstructure in Xinjiang. This providesempirical evidence for the application of durable asphalt pavement inXinjiang.Secondly, through the analysis ofregional characteristics of durable asphalt pavement, environmentalfactors of Xinjiang region, subgrade condition and other factors, gives climate and district environmentalparametersof Xinjiang district,and analyzes themajorfactors whichaffect srebound modulus of subgradthatprovidesbasis for the design of the traffic parameters for durable asphalt pavement.italsoproposesdesign concepts of durable asphalt pavement in Xinjiang.Again, gives the the traffic classification by analyzing in Xinjiang region, and analyzes trafficcomposition of part of the national and provincial in Xinjiang especially for heavy and overloading traffic.It also analyzesthe mechanical index under different traffic loads grade which provides basis for the designparametes for durable asphalt pavement.Finally, proposes the recommendedand pavement structure of typicaldurable asphalt pavement structurefor thearid desert regionof Xinjiang

Mots clés : arid desert region; durable asphalt pavement structuret; Mechanical index; environmentalfactors; traffic characteristics; typical structure

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