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Beijing Forestry University (2013)

The Effects of Soil Environment on the Growth of Populus Euphratica Seedlings


Titre : The Effects of Soil Environment on the Growth of Populus Euphratica Seedlings

Auteur : 张楠;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2013

Université : Beijing Forestry University

Populus euphratica is the unique trees alone grow in the northwest arid areas, concluding generative propagation and asexual reproduction. Now Populus euphratica’’s update relys mainly on root germination. However Populus euphratica can produce a large number of active seeds and seed germination rate is as high as above90%. Seeds updated is the key to settle and survive from germination to seedlings. Effect of soil and water is obvious to seedlings, so the reflection of P. euphratica seedling growth on the environment directly influences seedling survival and updated dynamically of P. euphratica populations. This test was adopted by moisture, nutrients, soil and competition in2011.We analysed the response of Populus euphratica seedling to the environment under different gradients, to discuss what were the factor affecting obviously Populus euphratica. The results were :(1) Water stress could increase root-shoot ratio and lignification, but inhibited the accumulation of biomass ;(2) Seedlings in different soil had different growth strategies ; mainly in the sandy forest meadow soil, taproot grown quickly ; in a loamy forest meadow soil, the underground growth was rapid and the biomass accumulation was obvious ; Treatments of water and fertility on Populus euphratica seedling differs from that of a single factor:under30%after drought and2g/L, seedlings grow better ; Nutrient processing of Populus euphratica seedling had certain promoting effect, however, inhibition beyond a certain limit ;(3) The intraspecific competition (Populus euphratica density) and the interspecific competition (Sophora alopecuroldes) of Populus euphratica seedling growth had certain effect. Whether there was other species, a certain density of seedlings were beneficial to the growth of Populus euphratica and promoted competition.(4)The most important factors of Populus euphratica seedling growth were moisture and nutrient in soil. Characters such as drought and salinity was constantly formed in the process of adapt to the environment, and the cold hardiness and drought ability continuously strengthened. Seedlings grown in heterogeneous environments by weighing and biomass allocation, such as growth strategies, improve adaptability to the environment and increase survival ability

Mots clés : Populus euphratica; seedling; glowth; factor; trade-off; environmental factors;

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