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Football for Water Kenya


Titre : Football for Water Kenya

Pays/Région :

Date 01-Feb-2017 // 31-Dec-2018

In 2017 the second phase of the Football for Water Program (F4W 2.0) started with the ambition to ensure quality, functionality and sustainability of the F4W interventions and to prove the concept works. We will consolidate the F4W concept by improving the enabling environment and secure involvement of local and national stakeholders in the F4W approach ; assess the concept through a Learning Strategy that can prove the impact and effects. We will also identify financing models (for Cost Recovery and sustainable Operation & Maintenance) to scale the F4W concept._ In Kenya, this project brings together local NGOs, football and WASH organizations such as Kisumu Youth Football Association (KYFA), Centre for Regeneration and Empowerment of Africa Through Africa (CREATA), Transforming Young Stars of Africa (TYSA), Kenya Institute of Soccer Education (KISE), Football Kenya Federation (FKF), Orange Link and Unicef Kenya, corporate bodies and the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Water, Ministry of Sports and the Ministry of Health.

The F4W Phase 2.0 in this consortium aims to improve the quality of life of about 45.000 school children and their families by providing 90 basic schools with sustainable access to safe Football and WASH facilities and education whilst facilitating their development

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In phase 2, the project will select schools in communities that have already attained open defecation free status. This will help the mutual reinforcement of sanitation and hygiene behaviours at home and in school.

Total Budget : 2,250,429 EUR

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