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Igunga Eco-village project


Titre : Igunga Eco-village project

Increase the resilience of vulnerable rural Tanzanian communities through reduced poverty and improved adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.

Pays/Région : Tanzanie

Date 30-Jun-2015 // 30-Sep-2019

The Eco-Village project in Igunga started mid 2015 from an EU grant received by Heifer Netherlands. The consortium comprises of Heifer Netherlands, Heifer Tanzania, Igunga District Council and the Netherlands based 3R group (Acacia, MetaMeta and RAIN) coordinated by Aqua for All in the Netherlands. The 3R group is responsible for introducing sustainable 3R and WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) solutions and District and Village level plans in this program. (3R means Recharge, Retention and Reuse of rainwater. For more on 3R please look at : The partnering organizations will be working together with the Heifer Tanzania to implement project goals in the ground together with Project officer who is a young expert.This project is a pilot project for the country of Tanzania and Igunga district is one of the driest places in the country even though it sometimes rains.And this project aims at increasing the resilience of vulnerable rural Tanzanian communities through reduced poverty and improved adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change. And for this reason , Heifer Netherlands will implement a holistic approach towards developing Eco-village concept in 9 villages, in 2 wards of the Igunga district.The purpose of this action is twofold meaning that it focuses on building resilience against climate change impacts of the communities in the two wards of Igunga district and further to deepen this understanding.There are nine (9) target villages in two wards of Igunga district to implement the project and in all nine villages there are 72,000 project beneficiaries inhabitants of these villages comprising of 12,000 households.The direct beneficiaries of the project is half of this group ,6000 households leading to 36,000 individuals.The project will involve introduction of 3R solutions that is Recharge,Retention and Reuse of natural resources, introduction and implementation of WASH survey,Rain water harvesting and Water buffering concepts

• Improved access to water through water harvesting at home ; • Improved average crop yield by at least 40% ; • Reduced livestock mortality rates to at least the nationally accepted levels ; • Increased on-farm income of >30% ; • Reduced daily workload for water fetching and firewood collection, especially for women ; • Reduced health problems by improved sanitation • Increased ownership of productive assets, especially by women ; • Improved and diversified livelihoods through credit, marketing and value addition.

Population cible
This project will target on building resilience against climate change impact of the communities in 9 villages in two wards of Igunga district comprising of 72,000 individual beneficiaries.The target communities were selected by Igunga District council ,government administration at district level.Water,land,vegetation are the resources impacted by the project.

Total Budget : 12,000 EUR

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