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Water security in Dogon Pompe Bleue Mali / Blue Pump Mali


Titre : Water security in Dogon Pompe Bleue Mali / Blue Pump Mali

Pays/Région : Mali

Date 01-Dec-2014 // 01-Jul-2017

Dogonland is a dry Sahel area of 1500 km2 and 400.000 inhabitants. There is no running tap water, no paved roads and no electricity from a National grid. Shallow wells and pumps are almost the only watersupply. Wells are not clean and 50% of the pumps are broken. Villages depend strongly on NGO’s for maintenance of the pumps. We will change that by selling the pumps and deploy local companies for maintenance.

Approx. 100 robust and durable handpumps are sold by SDO in the Dogon Area to replace defunct pumps. The village communities pay them off with the contribution coming from the sale of water. A maintenance contract and warranty for 10 years is part of the purchase contract. Small enterprises are set up to do the installation and maintenance work. The projecty thus creates clean water and employment

Better access to safe water supply More and clean drinking and household water Independancy of NGO’s Education in water technics and entrepreneurship. Creating employment Contribution to local economy

Population cible
Over 400 villages in the Dogon, districts of Bandiagara, Bankas and Koro. Villages will be given discount in this development stage. - Other NGO’s and other areas who wish to addopt the concept - Individuals and institutions who want to buy the pump for the cost price.

Total Budget : 400,000 EUR

Aqua for All

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