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Rainwater harvesting for improving WASH and raising environmental awareness (Ethiopia)


Titre : Rainwater harvesting for improving WASH and raising environmental awareness (Ethiopia)

Pays/Région : Ethiopie

Date 01-Apr-2015 // 30-Mar-2016

Available data on WASH service in schools indicates that only 32.5% schools have access to safe water supply (MoH and UNICEF-WHO JMP (2012). The problems in our project area is even by far more serious because of the limited number and type of water sources, forcing inhabitants walk long distance to fetch water. Data from the district office and interview made with the inhabitants indicates, most of the people have to walk two hours on an average to fetch water from river. Besides that, there is rather inadequate WASH facilities for the school and community, and that is made worse with poor sanitation and hygiene practices. The region is semi-arid, need to trigger climate resilience in young minds.

The project focuses on water for multiple uses particularly small-scale irrigation and sanitation and hygiene facilities to Alduba School & the neighbouring community. Engaging the young and adults (parents-teacher association) in a community would create ownership of the issues needing resolution and a sense of empowerment. Setting up school gardening and rainwater harvesting systems

The main objective is to improve access to water for MUS for the surrounding pastoral and agro-pastoralist community of Alduba kebele Direct objectives To improve access to clean water for Alduba primary school pupils and larger community To improve behaviour and practices of school pupils on sanitation and hygiene, To provide water for MUS to the community of Alduba To create awareness on climate change impacts and farming practices

Population cible
The first target group of the project is Alduba primary school community. -Pupils will be engaged in school environment improvement with the school garden -Pupils will take lead in determining sanitation and hygiene behaviour benchmarks -Pupils will participate in sports, drama activities that will attempt to break the silence The second group is the households living in the surrounding areas of the school. -Households involved in water committee setup -Households involved in construction work and resource allocation

Total Budget : 53,203 EUR

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