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Waterproject, 8 boreholes Upper East Ghana


Titre : Waterproject, 8 boreholes Upper East Ghana

Pays/Région : Ghana

Date 01-Apr-2013 // 31-Oct-2013

There is no access to potable drinking water nearby. The water they use is dirty and especially children fall sick of drinking bad water which at times result to death. The sanitation is very poor. The women and children spend a lot of time collecting water of a reasonable quality, sometimes three or more hours a day. Women have no time enough to engage other productive activities. Children do not go to school and carry too heavy loads. Because of the bad drinking water the poor families spend a big part of their little income to hospital bills and drugs for recovering.

The potable water is for drinking, domestic use and for small seasonal irrigation agriculture. The access of clean water give them the opportunity to use sanitation facilities and clean the clothes. The clean water solves the problem of the high rate of deaths especially among young children under 5 years and pregnant mothers. The borehole is close to the people and children can go to school.

We intent to drill 8 boreholes in 8 local rural communities. Make a borehole construction supply and install hand pumps. Carry out a pumping test. Make a water quality test. Make a pump platform and gutter for the animals. Capacity building and training for the water and sanitation boards.

Total Budget : 49,800 EUR

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