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Child Labour Free Zone and free value chain (Mali)


Titre : Child Labour Free Zone and free value chain (Mali)

Pays : Mali

Identification : NL-KVK-56484038-C_005304

Date/Durée : 01-Nov-2016 // 31-Déc-2018

In Mali, parents (ab)use children (young girls and boys) for the collection/pick-up of Shea nuts and works in the fields. These young children walk long distances (between three to five kilometer), very early in the morning, exposed to inclement weather and very often among snakes. ICCO-Cooperation and its local partners have put together and are working, on the implementation of this project (Fighting against child labor), to raise awareness and advocate against child labor in Mali.

Groupe Cible
Parents unconsciously or consciously making their children work. Children spending more time working, than studying

Contribute to eliminate all forms of child labor and help with access to school through involvement of all stakeholders in the value chain of selected agricultural products in Koulikoro and Segou regions

Mise en oeuvre : Conseils et Appui a l’’Education a la Base
Suivi : ICCO Cooperation
Financement : Kerk in Actie

Budget total : 339 347 EUR

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Page publiée le 9 septembre 2018