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Lobby and Advocacy for Food Security in Mali


Titre : Lobby and Advocacy for Food Security in Mali

Pays : Mali

Identification : NL-KVK-56484038-C_006114

Date/Durée : 01-Déc-2016 // 31-Déc-2017

The Civic Engagement Alliance program aims at strengthening farmers organized in civil society groups at all levels, using lobby and advocacy strategy, to claim their rights and the rights of the population to access to adequate food and nutrition. The approach is based on development of dialogue, lobby and advocacy to influence decision makers at all levels to bring changes that promote the food security and sustainable nutrition policies in Mali

Although food security is improving in Mali, households remain highly vulnerable and chronic food insecurity persists and manifests itself through malnutrition, especially among women with newborn, pregnant women, and young children. It is estimated that the prevalence of thinness in children under 5 years of age (15% in 2006) places the country at a very high level of malnutrition. To support Mali State to overcome such a situation, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the ICCO Consortium (ICCO) are in a strategic partnership to promote innovative approach based on lobby and advocacy. The approach consists of of strengthening civil society organizations and creating dialogue with political, administrative decision-makers to find solutions to the problems related to Food Security and Nutrition with regards to the diversification of the production, to access to land for the most vulnerable groups (women, youth, migrants) and other natural resources management that cause most of the conflict in rural Mali.

Strengthening CBOs, CSOs and FBOs to be able to develop dialogue, lobby and advocy strategy to influence decision maker ; - Ensuring that the political and administrative authorities change their practice of weak and passive involvement of civil society in decision making process, particularly in adequate food and nutrition policy

Mise en oeuvre : Amassa Afrique Verte Mali
Suivi : ICCO Cooperation
Financement : NL Min. Foreign Affairs

Budget total : 169 960 EUR

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