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Watershed CESPAD Empowering citizens


Titre : Watershed CESPAD Empowering citizens

Pays : Kenya

Date/Durée : 01-Avr-2017 // 31-Déc-2020

CESPAD Watershed project is implementing a paradigm shift in looking at the governance of WASH and WRM subsectors including their practice. This includes recognition of the fact that for there to be clean water for WASH there has to be good governance of resources and good sanitation practices including proper management of waste water leading to clean water resources. The project has introduced the WASH/WRM holistic approach with a main focus on improving institutional governance, lobbying and advocacy for sustainable WASH services. Moreover, it promotes the application of scientifically-proven methods and findings into real life such as the use of internet and mobile software and sensors for improved infrastructure and services for disadvantaged populations

Kajiado County faces varied water management challenges including an over- centralized decision-making process with communities lacking the necessary information to take appropriate actions. Over-abstraction of water and illegal use, water resource conflicts, deforestation, encroachment of riparian reserve, wetlands and catchment areas, water catchment degradation, pollution of both surface and underground water, poor land use leading to siltation and flash floods, poor data management (updating of permit data and inadequate data) are some of the challenges facing the county. The inadequacy of actionable data and information makes it increasingly difficult to make informed and transparent decisions on development and sustainable management of water resources in the county. There is need to harmonize the roles of various actor in WASH and WRM to avoid the conflicts being experienced currently.
The project is implemented in Kajiado County and targets WRUAs, Water User Associations (WUAs), water sector CSOs, CHVs PHOs, WRMA, WSPs, County Governments Officials and Journalists including the private sector.
The project seeks to strengthen and build capacity of County/ Basin level community/ civil society water users’ groups’ social accountability advocacy for empowered collective action and voice in Kajiado County ; empower communities and civil society collectively engaging in County level processes influencing and accessing social, economic and rights to water services and promote knowledge management on integration of WASH and IWRM for good water governance. The project implementation shall employ the theory of change with the basic understanding that for sustainability of sanitation services, holistic approaches that deliberately puts into consideration the entire water cycle from source to sea, and back, and puts human influence on the water and nutrient cycle at the centre are needed. This shall entail inputs to the project that enhance collaboration with the development partners, water sector CSOs, capacity building on governance, advocacy, communication and conservation, baseline surveys and knowledge management resulting to informed and participatory decision making for water security in Kajiado County.

Mise en oeuvre : Akvo ; CESPAD ; KEWASNET ; KWAHO ; Neighbours Initiative Alliance (NIA)
Suivi : CESPAD
Financement : Wetlands Int Kenya

Budget total : 5 725 089 KES

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