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Rain Water Harvesting System for Dry lands. Sand Dam Technololgy


Titre : Rain Water Harvesting System for Dry lands. Sand Dam Technololgy

Pays : Kenya

Date/Durée : 06-Jan-2018 // 28-Jul-2018

The project proposes construction and implementation of a sand dam in the seasonal Natan River in East Pokot as groundwater harvesting concept. A sand dam is a reinforced rubble cement wall built across a seasonal sandy river. They are a simple, low cost, low maintenance technology that retains rainwater and recharges groundwater. Sand dams are the most cost-effective method of water conservation in dry land environments. When it rains the dam captures soil laden water behind it – the sand in the water sinks to the bottom, whilst the silt remains suspended in the water. By re-charging the aquifer, sand dams provide enough water to establish tree and vegetable nurseries. Together, sand dams, farmland terracing and tree planting form a cycle of water and soil conservation that is self-perpetuating. Conserving water and soil on farms increases soil fertility, reduces the time spent collecting water, and increases the time available to farm, learn and innovate. The project benefited 500 pastoral families dispersed adjacent to the seasonal River. It is possible that more families were served because East Pokot is in a perennial drought almost all of the time and is currently experiencing drought conditions that are more severe than the normal drought. Pastoral people migrate to wherever there is water which will sustain their basic needs

Hifadhi Africa started implementation of sand dam concept in Feb 2015 with engineering surveys by Utooni Development Organization (UDO). The main objective is to harvest rain water in the seasonal Natan River.The seasonal Natan River was surveyed for sites that would support a sand dam. Site A had a sand dam constructed in Nov/Dec 2016. The project will be implemented in Natan Village, East Pokot, Baringo County in Kenya. The Project that seeks to provide an alternative and reliable source of water in the arid East Pokot region.

Short term goal is to provide clean water to sustain people, animals and irrigation systems that support the raising of food and prevent water borne disease. Long term goal is to prevent deaths/grow education by allowing the East Pokot people to abandon the pastoral lifestyle and become farmers. Agriculture will result in the establishment of villages and result in children attending school.

GoodPlanet Belgium ; Young Water Solutions

Budget : 12 000 EUR

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