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Kabati Water Supply and Sewer Project


Titre : Kabati Water Supply and Sewer Project

Pays : Kenya

Date/Durée : 07-Déc-2016 // 01-Nov-2017

This project aims improve access to water and sanitation in Kabati. To improve the water supply facilities a steel elevated water tank of 100m³ capacity will be constrcuted to store water. This will generate a head to supply the to be constructed network to and in Upper Kabati. Therewith, 8.757 people will have access to improved water. To improve the sanitation in the area, the project will construct a sewerline, promote sewer connections and construct public toilets to reach about 3.600 people in the area

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi is funding the ‘One Naivasha for All’ Programme program of World Wildlife Fund East Africa which aims at improved water resources management and pollution prevention in the River Malewa Basin. The Basin is under serious threat from unsustainable land-use and water management practices. Some of these threats include deforestation, siltation, increased abstraction of water and pollution by agro-chemicals used by farmers along its course. There is now evidence that the water output of the river is decreasing and the water quality is not getting any better. This has serious implications for the social, economic and environmental health of the river basin and Lake Naivasha. WWF has been working with communities in 13 villages over the past year to collect information related to natural resources in the area. At the conclusion of the information gathering phase, WWF, in conjunction with other stakeholders

Goal 1 will be achieved by construction of an elevated steel tank, provision of distribution network and water kiosk construction.
Goal 2 will be achieved by construction of toilets, construction of sewer line and promoting sewer connection
Goal 3 will be achieved by community training in water management and hygiene promotion.

Mise en oeuvre : NAIVAWASS
Suivi : VEI
Financement : Water for life

Budget : 250 000 EUR

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