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SAGCOT integrated Knowledge and Information for Agriculture (SIKIA)


Geodata for Agricuture and Water

Titre : SAGCOT integrated Knowledge and Information for Agriculture (SIKIA)

Pays : Tanzanie

Date/Durée : 2016 - 2019

The SIKIA-project will develop three information services. Information service 1 provides weekly weather forecasts for the rice sector through radio broadcasts that cover the rice cultivating areas in SAGCOT, with the opportunity for smallholder rice farmers to receive growth stage-specific weather forecasts via SMS. For receiving regular weather related crop advices, smallholder rice farmers need to register themselves. The collected registration data is used as input for information service 2, which allows agri-businesses to periodically receive aggregated geo-information about the actual rice cultivation in the rice value chain in SAGCOT to improve their logistic planning, planning of milling capacity, product promotion, and finance or insurance schemes. Service 3 aims to provide smallholder rice farmers in the Mbeya region with advice based on the measured crop conditions of their specific plots.The information services use satellite geodata (e.g., environmental, crop status via SAR, and plot boundaries information), augmented by more detailed data acquisition under the clouds (multispectral agronomic information) and web-based information. Through a train-the-trainers program farmers will be trained to take action on basis of the received information.

Groupe cible
SIKIA is aimed at 125,000 smallholder rice farmers within the SAGCOT area of Tanzania. These farmers typically have land holdings between 0.5 to 2 ha and cultivate rice twice per year. Farmers expressed needs in better information on weather condition, crop management (advices) and market information and financial security.

Coordinateur : TechForce Innovations (The Netherlands)
Partenaires : Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA, Kenya) Kilimo Trust (Tanzania) Kadaster International (The Netherlands) Milan Innovincy (The Netherlands)

Présentation : G4AW

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