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Results Based Financing in Extrème Nord Cameroun


Titre : Results Based Financing in Extrème Nord Cameroun

Pays : Cameroun

Identifiant IITA : NL-KVK-41160054-110495

Date/Durée : 01-Jan-2014 // 31-Déc-2015

The current pbf program will expand from 14 Catholic health facilities (Diocese Maroua-Mokolo) to all facilities in two districts ; Mokolo and Tokombere. In total a number of 32 health facilities (30 primary health facilities and 2 hospitals) will participate in the program. The services consist of the basic and complementary package of health care and building of latrines and boreholes.

Cameroon has a total of 10 provinces/regions of which the most northern region, ’L’Exrème Nord’, is the most densely populated (with 3,76 million people) and poorest of the country. The province also has a low level of scolarisation, with 52% of children between 6-11 going to school against 79% nationwide, and the lowest health indicators of the country. In l’Extrème Nord there is 1 doctor per 34.123 people and 1 hospital bed for 1412 people, which is three times less than what is available for Cameroon as a whole. Utilisation of health services is generally low, most women give birth at home with assistance from a traditional birth attendant. Child mortality is at 85% caused by among others malaria, malnutrition, respiratory infections. Access to drinking water is a huge problem in the area, more than half of the population needs to walk for more than 30 minutes to a waterpoint.

The objective of the programme is to strengthen the public health system in order to increase the quality of the health services and give the people a voice on the health services in their community. This contributes to creating flourishing communities. Project results are as follows ; number of visits to health care facilities is increased ; maternal and child care is improved ; fight against STDs, HIV-aids, TB is improved ; the quality of health care services is improved ; the fight against waterborne diseases is strengthened and community hygiene is improved

Mise en oeuvre : APROSEN
Suivi : Cordaid
Financement : Cordaid ; NL Min. Foreign Affairs ; Nationale Postcode Loterij

Budget : 1 056 498 EUR

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