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Iran (2013)

Gorgan Salamander (Paradactylodon gorganensis)

Kamran Kamali

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

Titre : Gorgan Salamander (Paradactylodon gorganensis)

Pays : Iran

Date attribution : 20-08-2013

Numéro projet : 13055637

Bénéficiaire : Kamran Kamali

The first workshop for introducing the importance of Cave Salamander has been handeled between 29/10/2013 to 31/10/2013. Also a debate has been cumducted with the manager of primary school education and the assistant manager of the head manager of the education office of the city of Ramian for arranging the workshops and festivals will be carried out in future 2 months for teachers, head teachers and students. Furthermore, we have to add that 1000 brochures and 500 posters have been published to be distributed among beneficiary organizations, universities, DOE offices and other people who are engaged with this species. Our next confference took place on wednesday, Desember 4th for the teachers and managers of local schools who are engaged with students of local schools such as the schools of Fenderesk, Khanbebin and Shir-Abad. If the teachers and trainers become aware of the importance of the wildlife species in that area especially the endangerd ones like Gorgan Cave Salamander, it would be a great deal to lead us to triamph to conserve this nvaluable species. The next step for helping this species to survive is getting aid from local environmetal NGOs, Though, we invited them to a workshop to make them aware of the imortance of the conservation of this salamander.This workshop conducted on Monday, December 16th. The main goal for this workshop was to engage local people in the form of NGOs with the conservation project on Gorgan Cave Salamander and fortunately, we were succesfull and they promised to help us with this task.

Financement : $2,500

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund

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