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Project : Eau et Assainissement 2016-2020 Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Titre : Project : Eau et Assainissement 2016-2020

Pays : Burkina Faso

Période d’exécution : 01-01-2016 - 31-12-2020

Objectif de l’engagement de développement est de : "Augmenter durablement et équitablement l’accès à l’eau potable au Burkina Faso avec un accent particulier sur la réduction des disparités entre les communes" L’Engagement de Développement traduire de manière concrète les principes de l’Approche Fondée sur les Droits Humains (AFDH) dans le développement des services d’approvisionnement en eau potable.

Code projet : DK-1-255448

The description of the Development Commitment (ED) is summarized as follows : · Studies and work on the development and management of multi-village systems (VMS) in deficit communes in the country. · Piloting of five (05) multi-village systems (SMV) to supply drinking water in the country’s sedimentary zone to the less well-served communes of Boucle du Mouhoun, Hauts- Bassins and Cascades. These regions were selected on the basis of a coupling of factors likely to contribute to improved equity in access to water for poor people in difficult areas in terms of mobilization of water resources While prioritizing technologies that can improve the sustainability of investments. See section 2 of Annex A for details. The sites will be selected following a feasibility study that will combine the following criteria : hydrogeological context favorable to obtaining high-throughput drilling, priority to villages / communes with the lowest access rates, distribution key between municipalities / Regions in proportion to the number of people who do not have access, overall investment efficiency (optimization of network lengths), socio-economic factors which may impede the regrouping of villages / communes, Start-up in an intermunicipality approach to the management of public water services, willingness and capacity of users to pay for water, etc. Three municipalities in this intervention zone have an access rate of less than 30% by the end of 2015 according to the National Inventory of Works (INO) : Bama, Fô and Padema (Houet province). Beyond all considerations, these communes will be prioritized in order to get them out of this situation. · Connection to the ONEA network of villages located close to the ONEA water supply lines. The Dori / Gorom-Gorom, Nouna / Dédougou, Ouahigouya centers are pre-selected on the basis of access / poverty criteria, maturity of projects to strengthen these centers and the need to operate with acceptable costs

Budget du programme  : 338(millions DKK)

Présentation (Danida Open Aid)

Danemark au Burkina

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