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Manufacture of Moringa Oleifera from Smallholder Farmers, Kenya


Titre : Manufacture of Moringa Oleifera from Smallholder Farmers, Kenya

Pays : Kenya

Code : CFC/2016/08/0052FT

Date : 2015

Edom Nutritional Solutions (ENS) is a company that produces and sells fortified porridge/maize meal and other staple flours. The company, created in 2013 in Kisumu, Kenya, sources Moringa oleifera leaves from its network of 3,500 small scale farmers. The company processes the moringa leaves to fortify cereal flour to sell these products in economy packs that are affordable to low income consumers and in premium packs for middle/high income populations in megastores. Moringa provides Iron, Vitamins A/B/C, Zinc, Calcium and other micronutrients. The company sells its products through its distribution channel in economy packs/0.25&0.5kg that the majority millions of bottom of pyramid (BoP) consumers living on USD 2-4 can afford, and premium packs/1&2kg for middle/high income populations in megastores. ENS sources moringa from a network of 3,500 small scale farmers in the region. By locally sourcing the key inputs, ENS has a significant competitive advantage in pricing due to local/regional sourcing of micronutrients as compared to competitors’ rather costly imported micronutrients. Wholly organically fortified products are preferred to synthetic/conventionally fortified products. The Government of Kenya in collaboration with the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) passed a requirement for mandatory fortification of staple flours which is driving demand for fortified flours. The total investment of USD 240,000 will be used for upscaling of the activities, i.e. the purchase of farm Inputs, solar dehydrators (shared) & storage cocoons for 1,000 farmers with 2 acres each. Counterpart contribution to the project is USD 60,000 with an additional grant of USD 60,000 by the Great Impact Foundation. The project is expected to lead to : – 1,000 farmers earning USD 384/month from sales of moringa leaves, which is well above the above the minimum National Monetary poverty line at USD 170/month, and – increased availability of affordable healthy products for low and medium income consumers. The CFC resources were disbursed in October 2016 and the implementation of the project has commenced.

Partenaire : EDOM Nutritional Solutions Ltd.

Coût total : USD 240,000
CFC Financing : USD 120,000 (Loan)

CFC (Common Fund for Commodities)

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