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Learning Centers for Rural Afghan Women in Herat


Titre : Learning Centers for Rural Afghan Women in Herat

Pays : Afghanistan

Lieu : Herat Province

Dates : 2017

This project supports rural Learning Centers for Afghan Women in Herat Province, Afghanistan.

Under the Taliban regime education for women and girls was banned. AIL ran underground schools nonetheless, and then in 2003 opened Learning Centers to help make up for "the lost education years". Education services include : literacy, math, language and skills training classes. This project will ensure continuation of these urgently needed, accessible, culturally appropriate educational opportunities.

Literacy, math, computers, English, and income-generating skills classes are offered at Learning Centers in Herat Province, Afghanistan to over 18,000 students a year

Impact à long terme
A full array of educational services are provided to rural women and girls through Learning Centers in Herat Province, Afghanistan. These centers improve the education of Afghan women in the region giving them more options in life.

Porteur du projet : Afghan Institute of Learning

Budget prévisionnel : $60,000


Page publiée le 5 juillet 2018