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Namibia National Parks Programme (NamParks) - Phase 4


Titre : Namibia National Parks Programme (NamParks) - Phase 4

Pays : Namibie

Durée : Start of project : November, 2015 // End of project : November, 2018

The Namibian National Parks Programme (NAMPARKS) is a programme of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) of the Republic of Namibia (RoN) established in 2006 and supported by Germany through KfW Development Bank. Phase 4 which is actually now renamed “Integrated Park Management 1” will focus on the management of the Tsau/Khaeb Sperrgebiet National Park (SNP) and its support zone, as well as to a more limited extent on the North Eastern Parks (NEP’s) of Namibia. The Tsau/Khaeb (Sperrgebiet) National Park (NP) is a diamond mining area in South –Western Namibia with a total area of 26,000 km2 (almost the size of Albania). The Sperrgebiet was created in 1908 by the German Government, and since then the area has had very restricted access. Mining activities have only influenced circa 5% of the area. The National Park was established in 2004, and still today most of it is not accessible to the public.

The overall objective of the project is that “The Sperrgebiet National Park (Tsau/Khaeb) and the Northeastern Parks and their support zones are managed effectively and efficiently by the Park Administration, in collaboration with the neighbours and other stakeholders, to protect the unique flora and fauna, secure national and transboundary migratory routes for wildlife, and come to be competitive tourism destinations in a way that neighbouring communities benefit economically.”
The total project value is Euro 21 million, which includes a contribution of Euro14 million from KfW and Euro 7 million from the RoN.

* Result 1 : The selected parks benefit from adequate infrastructure and equipment with regard to effective management and supervision * Result 2 : Adequate plans and tools to steer the management transfer of Sperrgebiet NP from Namibian Diamont Corporation (Namdeb) to MET for sustainable park management and for transboundary integration are put in place and implemented, as well as updated for the North Eastern Parks * Result 3 : Sustainable nature tourism products are developed in order to improve the economic situation of the population inside and around the parks as well as of the parks themselves * Result 4 : Based on a coherent business plan the infrastructure for a research and training centre (Bwabwata Ecological Institute) is put in place and training measures for Namibian park staff and trainees of neighbouring countries are executed in a professional and regular basis * Result 5 : Successful programme implementation and trans-boundary cooperation is supported by a Project Management Unit (PMU)

Bénéficiaire (s) : Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Partenaire (s) : LCE Namibia

Organisation donatrice : KfW Development Bank

Project Volume : €3,400,000

Présentation : GOPA

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