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Northwest A&F University (2018)

Investigation and Analysis of Wheat Nutrients Resource Inputting on Northwest Arid Regions


Titre : Investigation and Analysis of Wheat Nutrients Resource Inputting on Northwest Arid Regions

Auteur : 彭艳;

Grade : Master’s Theses 2018

Université : Northwest A&F University

As the fertilizer quantity and pattern of the wheat nutrients resource inputing was unknown,as the wheat yield differences on northwest arid regions regions,of the five northwestern provinces arid regions wheat planting representative area,the article used the rnethods of household sample survey,refer to agricultural sratistics and literature in recent years to investigate and analysis the wheat nutrients resource inputing on northwest arid regions regions.The results were as follows:1.Differences in arid regions wheat production in northwest.The average yield of Dingxi is 3189.2kg/hm 2 in Gansu province,52.6%farmers wheat production at a moderate level.In Shaanxi Weibei and Guangzhong area the average yield respectively are4035.1kg/hm 2,6122.6kg/hm 2 ;25.0%and48.3%farmers wheat production at a moderate level.Xining in Qinghai,Ningxia qingtongxia,Xinjiang changji average wheat yield respectively are4358.7kg/hm 2,4588.6 kg/hm 2,4305.1 kg/hm 2,production is in low farmers accounted for85.6%,53.0%and 68.5%respectively.2.In arid regions regions wheat nutrient resources are widespread in northwest farmers reasonable applying nitrogen excess,phosphorus content,low dosage of potash.Research around the excess nitrogen proportion of farmers accounted for 35.0%,58.3%,45.0%,47.6%,79.0%and 73.0%respectively.P reasonable was 36.1%of the farmers in Gansu province,Shaanxi weibei and the guangzhong phosphorus excess,shortage of farmers were 59.2%and30.9%,40.0%and 53.3%.Qinghai,Ningxia,Xinjiang farmers of phosphorus deficiency accounted for 37.3%,20.2%,44.4%,34.9%,29.8%and 19.0%of farmers phosphorus excess.Only 51.0%of farmers in Gansu province in the application of potash application is insufficient,the remaining more than 90.0%of farmers around the potash resources.3.In arid regions wheat in northwest nutrient sources is given priority to with basal,fertilizer is complementary.All parts of research using urea an fertilizer fertilizer.In arid regions wheat fertilized in northwest is given priority to with broadcasting,fertilizer is given priority to with irrigation(drop)water after fertilization.Across more than 60.0%of farmers to the used as fertilizer.4.In arid regions wheat nitrogen PFP difference in northwest,between 17.3 to 36.8 kg/kg,Shananxi guangzhong 36.8 kg/kg is the highest,followed by Gansu dingxi 28.2,Shananxi weibei 20.0,Xinjiang changji,Qinghai Xining,Ningxia qingtongxia 19.9,18.7 and17.3 kg/kg.Around the PFP differences in phosphate fertilizer is 93.0 kg/kg,highest in Gansu dingxi,min in Qinghai xining is 24.7 kg/kg.PFP differences across potash,variable between 83.5 to 251.7 kg/kg.

Mots clés : Northwest arid regions wheat; Nutrient resources; Investigation; Analysis;

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Page publiée le 6 octobre 2018