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Integrated Agriculture and Marketing Development Project (Sudan)


Titre : Integrated Agriculture and Marketing Development Project (Sudan)

Pays : Soudan

Durée : 2017 – 2023

Institution : International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Zone d’intervention et Groupes cibles
The project will intervene in 129 villages across Sinnar, North Kordofan (NK), South Kordofan (SK) and West Kordofan (WK) states. Beneficiaries are expected to reach 27,000 smallholder households whose farms’ size is equal or less than 15 feddans (6.3 hectares). Project’s activities will be focused on rural youth and women, who represent a specific target group for IFAD, due to their traditional relevance in agricultural production, their growing social and economic responsibility, and their vulnerable position in the society.

The project intends to improve household incomes and resilience to climate change of the smallholder producers, rural women and youth in rainfed areas through better access to improved agricultural inputs and services, enhanced business skills, access to rural finance and appropriate marketing support, and better organization and entrepreneurship skills of producers’ associations. IAMD project builds upon and consolidates investments supported by previous IFAD projects, moving from demonstration to scaling-up of public-private partnership models between farming households and the private-sector suppliers of inputs and services.

The project has three interlinked components : * Enhanced productivity and production of the main cash crops (sesame, groundnuts and gum arabic) and sorghum ; * Market linkage and value addition through village-based post-harvest crop storage ; and * Enabling environment for strengthened farmers’ associations and business development through improved smallholder access to finance.

Informations financières
Coût total du projet : US$ 47.51 million

Présentation : IFAD

Page publiée le 5 juillet 2018