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Livelihoods and Environment Protection – Goz Beida (Tchad)


Titre : Livelihoods and Environment Protection – Goz Beida (Tchad)

Région /Pays : Tchad

Dates : 2018-03-27 // 2019-03-27

Descriptif _ Farmers will be encouraged and helped to transform agricultural livelihoods in economically viable agri-business practices, according to the needs and specific preferences of different groups of farmers. In addition to expanding their choice of crops, thanks to the introduction of fruit trees and other valuable trees, which are not currently cultivated in the region, the project will also promote the culture of a variety of vegetables (tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, eggplant, okra, cucumber, green pepper, spinach and carrots).
Beekeeping will be improved with the aim of marketing honey. Already beginning in 2017, an introduction of the Kenyan hive in lieu of the Palm trunks, which have traditionally been used as beehives. A feasibility study will also be made to explore the potential of fish farming.

Annonce par : World Concern

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